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Ponytail Pretty

Jacquemus Fall 2022 show location is the perfect backdrop for this low-maintenance pony. Pull it back but smooth your baby hairs and sideburns down. A cool hairstyle if you're hot in Europe rn!

Ponytail action shot, Lila Moss for Jacquemus

With a tight base, piecey textured ponytail and a heap of shine spray your hair will glow like your cheekbones and shiny red lips. It's a power move.

Obsessed with this Pompom ponytail! Gabrielle Union rocks this ultra-slick, wrapped ponytail at Prada in Milan.

Hair that's as shiny as the latex she's wearing and as heavy as eyeliner smudged around her eyes. Julia Fox is never one to shy away from a committed LOOK.

Cute bows, flashy jewels and a voluminous, naturally textured ponytail. It's Bardot beauty!

Go big or go home imo

Why have one when you can have two? Finish it off with a braid and really make a statement.

It's all in the details.

Ponytail for the maximalist; dress it up and adorn it with all of your favourite clips and bows for a good time.

It looks effortless but you know it takes a hot minute to achieve such a soft, feathery ponytail with flyaways in all the right places.

NY cool, Chloe Sevigny with beachy waves loosely pulled back into a low pony. A look that only gets better as the night goes on.

Snatched never-ending ponytail and gold eyeliner, Adut Akech is glowing like the angel she is.

Clip in an XL ponytail and make a statement on the dancefloor, or at family dinner.

Are side parts going to make a comeback? Enhance natural texture with a sleek side part smoothed flat and fastened - the main character here is the voluminous ponytail.

Rooney Mara rocking a teeny textured ponytail. Spotted: another slicked side part.

A heavy-handed gel look; scraped back and wrapped with leather into a low pony. No amount of wind is going to move your flyaways here.

Low sheen, chunky texture. Faretta is runway ready.

A pretty ponytail wrap on the Ulla Johnson runway. A fun way to dress it up!

Wrapped and knotted; a quicky for when you forget your hair tie. It's low-key glam!

High-pony with a braid, sequin fastening and side-eye glance.

We love a satiny smooth look, it's classic yet bold. Ready for anything!

Pretty pastel pink for Lisa from Blackpink 🎀

A festive twist

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