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Christmas Gift Guide: The Sex Education Edition

By Tautahi Subritzky

‘Tis the season for us to bring you our annual colleen Christmas Gift Guide for 2023, and this year, we’re taking a visit to Moordale. But we’re not here for a therapy “sesh” (sorry Otis), instead we’re hoping to give you a little guidance on the perfect gifts for your friends and family with a little help from the cast of Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’.

Scroll through to see our Christmas elects and make sure to pay attention, because class is in session.

Otis Milburn

For your introverted “bestie”. The friend who you’ve probably had for ages who, yes, might occasionally flake on a night out or leave you on “read” for a bit too long, but it’s no “biggie” because you know that they can be a bit socially awkward sometimes, and you love them regardless.

When it comes to their appearance, they might not follow trends and play it safe for fear of standing out too much. Sometimes practicality and their habitual nature can get the better of them but that’s why you make the perfect duo! You’re there to bring them out of their shell and show them how to have a bit more fun.

Surprise them with something useful that they probably haven’t even thought about getting for themselves.

Maeve Wiley

For your “badass” friend. The leather-loving rebel who marches to the beat of their own drum.

Their hair might be brunette one day and pink the next. You’re never going to know what they’re up to because they do whatever the hell they want and no one can tell them otherwise. They might have a tough exterior but they do have a sweet side (once you get to know them) and they’ve definitely taught you how not give a fu*k about what other people think. The best kind of friend to have.

Give them something as individual as they are.

Ruby Matthews

For the person in your life who you know, without question, is cooler than you.

They exude confidence and self-assuredness. They don’t follow trends, they set them. They’re popular with a capital ‘P’ and you’re in the clique (phew!). They definitely have more instagram followers than you and already know what’s ‘HOT’ and what’s ‘NOT’ but don’t let that deter you from surprising them with something unexpected, because deep down, they’ll truly appreciate the gesture, they might even shed a single tear (in private of course).

Give them something meaningful with a touch of luxe.

Eric Effiong

For that person who is unapologetically themselves and lives life with no regrets.

They’re bold, charismatic and sometimes a little loud. The kind of person who can’t help but garner attention from those around them. You’d consider this person the ‘Life of the party’ and they’re not afraid to take risks with their appearance. Glitter eyeshadow during the day? Hell YES! Even if it makes them stick out like a sore thumb, they’re having too much of a good time to notice (or care).

Why not treat this energetic and fun-loving person to something as outrageous as they are?

Aimee Gibbs

The quirky and unique friend with a “cup half full” mentality, ring any bells? Sure, they might have a bit of an offbeat personality, but it just adds to their charm.

They’re always down to have a good time and never make you feel bad for treating yourself, whether it’s ordering mimosas at brunch or supporting your decision to get those shoes you’ve been eyeing. Gifting is their love language and it could be anything from a box of cupcakes to a vibrator. They’re all about enjoying life, in any way possible. Some people look at the world with such positivity, it’s impossible not to love them. If you have someone like this in your life, lucky you!

Give them something that makes them feel as good as they make you feel.

Isaac Goodwin

This one's for the trouble-makers. That quick-witted friend with a sense of humour so sardonic and sharp it cuts right through any awkward silence, even if they are a bit awkward themselves at times - and that's exactly why you get on like a house on fire.

This budding artist might seem a little reserved at first, but it doesn't last long. They are creative, funny and charming, their hair is always soft & shiny and their skin is dewy. You might find them caught up in a complicated love triangle or playing pranks on their crush because they love the drama. So while they may be pushing your buttons or someone else's, they are fiercely protective of their friendships.

Distract them from their crush for a minute; do face masks, brush their hair, gossip and show them love.

Adam Groff

For the outdoorsy, animal lover in your life. The person whose Instagram posts consist of either beach walks with their dog or idyllic scenes from a bush walk they’ve just been on.

They’re the epitome of “chill” and have an affinity with the calming effects of being out in nature. They embrace a carefree attitude and don’t appear like they put much effort into how they look, but secretly, they really do.

Give them something that’ll stand up to the elements.

Dr. Jean F. Milburn

For the chic and effortlessly cool “mother figure” in your life, that special someone who’s compassionate and non-judgmental but always keeps you in check.

They might throw the odd questioning brow-raise in your direction but it’s only because they care about you. You might not always want to hear what they have to say, but their ‘words of wisdom’ are always spot on. Having them in your life is the best gift you can think of.

Show them how much you care about them too.

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