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Stay Hydrated

The hot topic for today is how to keep hair and skin safe from the crispy claws of hot summer days and salty swims. Drinking gallons of water will do you good that’s for sure, but nothing is going to beat a topical dose of hydration when it comes to skin and hair.

Moisturising mists are a little bit like Chapstick - a handy treat for a quick fix when things start drying out. They provide instant relief, protect against the elements, require almost zero effort or time, and can transform a hot mess into a glowed-up hottie. Maybe even make you a better kisser.

For a happy hydrated summer check out some of our favourite moisture mists:

A super glossy frizz control mist with UV protection plus highlight ingredient Calendula which helps to soothe dry scalps and eliminate salt residue.

Cold pressed Watermelon Seed Oil yes please. This multitasking mist protects against UV damage, moisturises and adds a little texture making it perfect for naturally wavy hair.

A daily moisturising treatment that tackles knots and leaves fine hair feeling free. If you want to deal to frizz, Dede is your friend.

A lightweight leave-in treatment spray for all hair types that focuses on hydrating and softening crisp, frizzy hair.

A facial in a mist - both hydrating and soothing with Hyaluronan, Echinacea and skin-resurfacing peptides, AND it can be used over makeup.

Skin and Hair! A gentle refreshing mist with a cocktail of essential oils to wake up tired, thirsty skin and hair. Keep it in the chilly bin with your drinks for a next level refresh at the beach.

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