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Architectural lines for Laquan Smith

Balenciaga add sideburns, but the really beautiful thing is the oval shape of this

Purely sculptural

The perfect backdrop for oversized decor

A sleek, bun, a high neckline, pointy red nails and shine all over them all.

The perfect finishing touch on a monochrome 'fit.

Got bangs? No problem.

The Octopus Bun is back from the 90's and we welcome it with open arms

Burberry go back to the sleek bun again and again, this time with Bleached brows

Caroline Herrera Origami

Don't be afraid of a little volume

Demure as the day is long with Chloe Sevigny

Did we mention monochrome?

Satin finish for Dior

Braided and sleek for drama

Tom ford knows how to show off a killer back look

Twisted and clawed

A different take on it from Hermes

Seriously the cheekbones

Around and around it goes, caught up in a net

Its the little details that make a difference

High twists and kiss curls for Fendi

Self Portrait leave a little tail, the details guys

High and knotted. Probably looks easier to do than it actually is. Might be a phone a friend moment.

There's just nothing quite as satisfying as a perfect sleek centre part.

The Rope Braid, super underrated if you ask us

If you are looking for a way to power up your suit game...

The classic ballerina, always cool, always chic, always the number one sleek bun.

Wrapped up in latex for Versace

Actually a cool way to wear a veil too.

Sleek with a twist for Victoria Beckham

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