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Snow Mushrooms - Skincare’s Magic Mushroom

Snow Mushrooms! They sound cute right? Definitely the kind of mushroom you’d curl up in if it was snowing and you were a fairy who lived in a tiny house on a tree in the forest surrounded by friendly woodland creatures 🍄 🧚‍♂️ 🦌

Fairytales aside, could this spongy, gelatinous, glossy fungus actually be Hyaluronic Acids rival? Word on the internet says it might be.

Also known as; snow ear, silver ear fungus, white jelly mushroom, and white cloud ears, but scientifically referred to as Tremella Fuciformis, the delicate Snow Mushroom is dry skin’s white knight.

Filled with polysaccharides and minerals, it is rich in Vitamin D and has over 18 amino acids, that combined together, can make your skin plump and glowing.

Found in tropical and subtropical regions, including Aotearoa, Tremella fuciformis grows on the dead and fallen branches of broad-leaved trees. The use of this otherworldly fungus traces back thousands of years to the imperial Tang Dynasty, where it was referred to as 'The Fountain of Youth'. It is said that one of the four great beauties, Yang Guifei, relied on snow mushrooms for maintaining her porcelain skin. Since then it has served as a fundamental ingredient in Asian cuisine, medicine and skincare.

What’s so special about Snow Mushrooms?

Very much like the skincare heavy-weight champion, hyaluronic acid – which can hold 1000x its weight in water - the Snow Mushroom also has the ability to pull moisture to the skin in a big way, similarly holding 500x its weight in water. The main difference here is that while Snow Mushroom holds 50% less water, their molecules are also smaller than those of Hyaluronic Acid therefore has the ability to penetrate the skin easier and deliver even more moisture to the skin.

SKIN SUPPORT: The Main Benefits

A Moisture Magnet: Rich in fatty acids, Snow fungus not only moisturizes but also draws moisture deep into your skin, hydrating it from within. Ultimately, this helps to alleviate skin dryness as the skin retains more moisture.

Increases Collagen: Rich in polysaccharides, complex natural carbohydrates which help promote skin collagen synthesis; strengthening the natural skin barrier, boosting elasticity and protecting against free radicals, such as UV, which can cause fine lines and premature ageing.

Anti-Inflammatory: As well as aiding in collagen production, polysaccharides found in Snow Mushrooms also calm irritation, reduce inflammation and fight oxidative stress.

Hyperpigmentation: Snow Mushrooms are a source of kojic acid, which can suppress melanin production. It is best known for addressing dark spots and hyperpigmentation on the treated skin.


The Daily Jelly Moisturiser is packed with Sodium Hyaluronate, Vitamin B5, Cucumber and Snow Mushroom. Together the powerful active ingredients of the Daily Jelly work towards long-lasting hydration, plumping, and boosting collagen production along with brightening and evening the complexion.

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