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Coconut Oil - Is It The Ultimate Wonder Oil?

Cocos nucifera or Coconut Oil as it’s commonly known, is the ultimate DIY remedy for all things hair, beauty and health; the shiny, moisturizing, make up removing, teeth whitening, hair thickening, frizz smoothing, eczema curing, cost-effective wonder oil that was the number one all-rounder in beauty.

But how can one thing be so versatile? Is it really as beneficial as we think it is?

Short answer, yes.

A brief history

The uses of Coconut Oil are abundant. It has been a fundamental aspect of the lives of many societies all around the world for thousands of years.

In South Asia, Coconut Oil was frequently used in hair products to keep them healthy, moisturized and thick. It was used on the skin to aid in the healing of burns, bruises, cuts, and wounds as well as to soothe aching muscles and joint pain.

For native Samoan healers as well as for Central and South American healers and Ayurvedic medicine practitioners, Coconut Oil was used as a remedy for treating illnesses and healing wounds. Mothers used Coconut Oil to massage their children to promote the growth of strong bones, protect skin against blemishes and prevent illness and infection.

Coconut Oil is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and work its magic from the inside


Due to its molecular size and shape, Coconut Oil is one of the few oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft and work its magic from the inside – unlike many others that only sit on top of the hair, creating that barrier to lock moisture in 🔒


Working alongside other products or ingredients, Coconut Oil is moisturizing. Its occlusive properties help Coconut Oil trap the hydrating ingredients from your conditioning products deep within your hair strands, letting them penetrate the hair for longer while they work their magic.

The natural protectants found in Coconut Oil also protect the hair from drying out or getting brittle, good news if you swim in the ocean or at the pool! This is especially beneficial for those with naturally curly or naturally dry hair.

Scalp Care

Hand in hand with friends, Coconut oil makes for a great scalp moisturizer too! The natural anti-bacterial properties work to eliminate dandruff* while keeping your scalp healthy and moisturized - and we all know that if you want iconic hair, you need a happy, healthy scalp. It is the foundation for epic hair after all.


Coconut oil assists in repairing and strengthening damaged hair from within the hair shaft, as well as adding a lustrous shine. According to studies, it is the only oil found to reduce protein loss, interestingly for both undamaged and damaged hair. These protein retention powers will not only minimize damage and breakage but add body and volume to soft and fine, or medium to thick hair. Goals.


Coconut Oil is super-rich in fatty acids, it's best known for its antiviral, antibacterial, and inflammation-reducing qualities. It really offers an abundance of unique benefits for your skin - making it a one-stop-wonder for many!


Coconut Oil cleans and cleanses the skin without compromising hydration. It has a detergent effect so it works well as a makeup remover, gently dissolving makeup and nourishing the skin. Coconut Oil contains high levels of Linoleic Acid, an unsaturated omega-6 fatty acid, this offers skin-soothing benefits ~ Did someone say soft, silky skin? We're listening 🐬


Coconut Oil has been applied topically for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties for many years. The high content of lauric acid helps to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation of the skin, making it beneficial for relieving pain and redness on wounds, burns, and dermatitis.

We reckon something like this Treatment Balm by Maryse is perfect to keep in your handbag, you never know when you might need to salve the day 😉

Locks in moisture

Coconut Oil is occlusive, meaning it creates a barrier to lock in moisture. The high content of saturated fats such as lauric and caprylic acid work to repair your skins natural barrier function and keep moisture locked in the skin by slowing down the evaporation.


*If dandruff is a concern, we don't recommend using pure Coconut Oil as a treatment as it can clog pores and prevent the hair follicles from breathing - potentially causing more flakes.

If you want to use pure Coconut Oil and you have low-porosity hair, beware of your hair drying out. As it has the ability to penetrate the hair cuticle, it does have a tenancy to ‘take up space’ within the strands and this can mean there’s less space for water and moisture.

Like with most oils, using too much in your hair could cause a build-up on the hair and scalp leaving your hair greasy and dull - especially if you have very fine hair.

The same goes for skin, if your face is prone to congestion then you might find using Coconut Oil a bit heavy, causing pores to clog and pesky blackheads to appear.

As an ingredient that plays a part in your hair and beauty products, always be mindful of the hair and skin type it is recommended for. Test it out and if you're not liking the results, it's not for you.

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