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We are used to incorporating superactives into our skin routine, hitting the Vitamin C by day and the Glycolic Acid by night, googling the perfect combinations for achieving our dream skin and screenshotting away when a hot a new product slides into our feed.

The rise of skinification in haircare has us jumping for joy, finally we can zoom in on our deepest hair desires and curate a regimen at home to problem solve our ‘issues’ beyond just reaching for a volume shampoo or moisturising conditioner.

The coolest thing about our hair and scalp is the follicle. The nature of the follicle and its ability to absorb and metabolise topical treatments means that superactives can really pack a punch when it comes to transforming our hair. Likewise for our hair shafts, the porosity of our hair means that it is there waiting with open arms to receive any goodness we want to give it.


This leave-in superactive incorporates Hyaluronic Acid and Glycerin as it’s hero ingredients. Both are highly active humectants, helping hair to hold and retain moisture, stay elasticised, boost shine, and protect from humidity. Replumping Hair Filler absorbs easily into hair and scalp with no oily residue or weight factor making it the perfect hydrating treatment for fine hair, frizzy hair, and dry scalps.


Quite possibly the most googled superactive for hair, ever. This one is iconic. Formulated using Niacinamide and Green Tea Extract, regular use improves hair density and reduces androgenic hair loss by up to 25% after 56 days. The perfect addition to a regimen for anybody struggling with thinning hair or looking to level up the thickness of their locks.


Providing immediate and long-lasting relief for irritated scalps. Key ingredient botanical Zanthoxylumbungeanum (Szechuan Pepper) has a long history of use in Chinese medicine dating back over 2000 years and is known for its highly active anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties making it ideal for calming sore and itchy scalps.


The Anti-aging superactive! Spinach extract is sitting really high up on the ingredient list which means this serum is RICH (like rolling in cash rich) in antioxidants PLUS on the ingredient list we have cell-communicating Carnosine, a peptide with a reputation for slowing down the deterioration of hair and promoting a heathy scalp for the future hair of your dreams.

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