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Supersize your haircare

There was this one time when Lauren's dad bought 7kg of sultanas to sprinkle on his porridge because they were on special at the supe. Needless to say, quite a few kilos of those teeny dried-up sweet treats ended up in the compost bin.

Unlike the sultana fiasco of 2015, these maxis are the real deal, they look great on your shower shelf, come with a handy and practical pump action and will save you some bucks while you are at it.

Looking for volume? Think pink! Plumping Wash and Rinse by Kevin Murphy will elevate your hair to a whole new level of volume and thickness. Perfect for fine and ageing hair.

Calling all angels; Let Angel Wash and Rinse breathe life into fine, fragile or colour-treated hair. This delicate duo will soothe and protect your precious locks.

Are you rocking around with desert-dry hair? Time to get it wet and restore some much-needed moisture with Hydrate Me Wash and Rinse, loaded with antioxidants to restore a healthy, hydrated glow. Ideal for naturally dry hair or hair exposed to harsh, dry climates.

The problem: dry, damaged, frizzy over-processed hair
The solution: Repair Me Wash and Rinse; a protein-rich power pair that will deeply nourish and repair the hair, helping to restore and protect it from future damage.

Oribe's best-selling super duo is the ultimate luxury. Pop it up on display in your bathroom and prepare for your glossiest, healthiest hair yet.

With a light floral scent and chic packaging, Iles Formula Finishing Serum is your go-to for strengthening hair, repairing split ends and preventing colour fade between salon appointments.

Leif's immaculate Limited Edition Gold Label Handwashes take centre stage for all the right reasons; uplifting scents, sleek packaging and they are refillable.

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