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Curly hair is so hot right now


If you feel like you are up for a bit of frizz free natural wave in your hair how you prep for this is really important. Giving your hair a good dry brush out before you wash it will remove any malting hairs that might cause tangled dread formations down the track. This should be the last moment that you use a brush or a comb.

Curl LOVES moisture but it hates weight. Shampoo and Condition with a light moisture series or try Co-washing. Co-wash is hairspeak for cleansing conditioners that are less abrasive or stimulating to the cuticle of your hair and also deliver great hydration. Avoid heavy protein products as they will add weight and sometimes have a straightening effect.


Keep your styling product handy in the shower and style your hair while it’s still dripping wet.
Lightly wring out your hair using your hands and apply a styling creme or serum from just off the roots through to the ends in the direction that you’d like your hair to fall.

Step out of the shower to blot dry, scrunching and squeezing upwards to create some natural volume and separation in the curl. Choose products that are alcohol-free as these will tend to create frizz in curly hair and dry a bit crunchy. Ideally you want to leave your hair alone to dry, don’t annoy it or irritate it with unnecessary fiddling or ruffling, think CALM.


If you are going to dry your hair always use a diffuser attachment on your dryer, but the same rules apply, don’t over stimulate! Let your hair fall into the diffuser and slow dry. When your hair is dry if you want to touch up a few pieces with a curling wand go ahead, this can be a nice way to break the natural curl pattern and create a cool clash of waves.

Keep heat styling to a minimum and keep your hot tool setting on low as excess heat will eventually break down the internal structure of your hair and leave your curls limp and lame.

Now get your fingertips into the roots of your hair and give it a good shake to break it up and add some volume. Add some serum to the ends using praying hands for shine and an extra shot of moisture.

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