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Sweat It Out Like A Superstar


There are some people in life who make a career out of being fit. Check out how the world’s most inspiring female athletes deal with their locks to get the win AND look super cute while they do it.

Venus Williams - 7 Grand Slam Titles
Queen of the courts, Venus always manages to combine function and beauty with a double braid coronet and a low braided ponytail.

Gina Lückenkemper - Sprinter
A compact topknot is a classic and Gina makes it look cool and calm with her fly-aways and edges fully under control.

Ronda Rousey – MMA and WWE Champion Fighter
Don’t let the cute boxer braids fool you, Ronda can kick your butt no doubt about it.

Eliza McCartney – Olympian Pole Vaulter
Eliza always opts for a classic ponytail when she’s vaulting and she is the current NZ and Oceania record holder at 4.94m.

Penina Davidson – Tall Fern and Destined for Greatness
So much charisma with her half-ponytail segueing into a hair-tie braid, this is such a good look with regrowth, we want it so bad. Penina is a lesson in how to look cool while you sweat it out.

Martina Navratilova – One of the G.O.A.T ’s of women’s tennis
Tennis icon for so many reasons, including, obviously, STYLE. Minimalist, preppy and cool – a sweatband never looked so good.

Nadia Comaneci – A Perfect 10
Nadia was the first gymnast in Olympic history to gain a perfect 10.0 on the uneven bars – at age 14. Gymnastic tradition is to wear your hair in a ponytail tied with a slender ribbon. Why not look cute while you’re doing your routine.

Shiwen Liu – World Table Tennis Champion!
You really don’t want fly-aways in your face when you are taking on the world championship with a bob haircut. Shiwen’s brilliant solution: a low bun, lots of bobby pins, and a few hair accessories to make it interesting.

Joelle Murray – Scottish Football Star
Is this a braided twisted ballet knot? Whatever it is Joelle makes it look really cool. Sometimes ‘undone’ is just where it’s at.

Caster Semenya – 800m Track Champion
Cornrows are a really beautiful way to get your hair out of the way so that you can get down to business and reduce your wind resistance when you want to go really fast. Caster is a controversial athlete and an inspiration for modern thinking, look her up.

Florence Griffith-Joyner – AKA Flo Jo
We’re not really sure what’s happening here with Flo-Jo’s look but we like it! Maybe just capture your hair in a low pony and let your layers/bangs do their thing :)

Anna Kournikova – Tennis Champ and Icon
It doesn’t get better than a single ponytail braid, it’s the pinnacle of work-out hair and nobody EVER did it better than Anna.

Paige Vanzant – MMA Fighter
A half-up topknot is a dream workout hairstyle if you are keen on looking cute during your workout. Out of your eyes, off your face, and still a good vibe.

Valerie Adams – Shot-put Champion/Beloved of NZ
Get the job done with a sleek bun. Valerie doesn’t mess about, she is in for the win.

Lynn Hill – Free Climber & Feminist
This hairstyle is so chill for someone who is literally hanging on for dear life. We think it illustrates nicely the idea of being strong, fierce and persistent and feminine, soft and patient.

Alex Morgan – Football Star
Actually, I think David Beckham can take credit for this look. A headband is literally the coolest way to get your hair back off your face and out of your eyes while you work-out or play sport or whatever. Alex Morgan is full sporty inspo tho!

Allyson Felix – Relay Sprinter, Olympian, Baker, Activist and Mum
Is this a Fendi campaign?? With this look you could literally go for a run in the morning - throw on some boring corporate-wear and show up for your job – finish said job and slip into a cute afterhours outfit – and you are GOOD TO GO. All Day and into the night. Thank you Alysson Felix for your awesome athleticism and inspiration.

Shelly-Ann Fraser – Fastest Woman in the World
Even a rainbow-unicorn wig can’t slow her down.

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