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Refillable Hair + Beauty

We want clean hair, healthy, glowing skin and ways to make our beauty routine more sustainable.

With environmental and ethical considerations an increasingly relevant factor in our everyday lives, we are constantly in search of ways to implement sustainable practices around the home and in our day-to-day life - and we want to take a closer look at our beauty cabinet; the solitary, contemplative spot where we begin and end each day.

We get it, it seems like a never-ending battle to eliminate packaging from our lives especially when it comes to our cosmetics, where about 70% of the beauty industry’s waste comes from packaging, and 14% of that packaging actually makes it to a recycling plant, of that, only 9% is recycled and the rest heads directly to landfill. But, unless you have made the move to shampoo bars and soap, it is pretty damn hard to completely avoid the thing that keeps your shampoo and serum contained.

While many brands have committed to recyclable packaging, one of the things we are loving is the call out for REFILLABLE products; as you reach the end of your daily shampoo or favourite cleanser, you can order a refill pouch and top it up again before recycling the refill pouch.

So, while we make moves to REDUCE, we will REUSE those thoughtfully designed bottles and containers with an ever-growing assortment of refillable hair, skin and body products. And if you're thinking of making the switch up to Shampoo + Conditioner bars, you can check out our awesome range at






For more information about what our brands are doing to reduce their carbon footprint, and how they are working towards becoming more sustainable as a company, please click here.

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