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The Best Hair Products of 2019 According To Lauren Gunn

We’ve seen a big shift in hair trends these past 12 months from heavily-coloured and styled looks to light luminous healthy hair that moves with just a touch of summer breeze. Fussy hair is out and happy, shiny, simple hair is in. These are the products we’ve been reaching for this year to get our goal hair.


Thank goodness we’ve moved on from over-toned matte ashy blondes. Looking back, I have to wonder why on earth did we ever think this was a good look.

Shimmer Me Blonde and its clever optical brighteners give a perfect glow to bleached or highlighted hair, reflecting light and adding elasticity and moisture. It’s the hair version of your favourite beauty hi-lighter and I’d love to see it developed in a range of reflects just like we do with beauty. Hint @lovekevinmurphy, make us a Shimmer Me Peach pretty please!


According to the internet Iles Formula Curl Revive is a finishing serum on steroids. It’s in the business of defining curls and reducing frizz and its very good at its job, however, this product is ALSO an amazing blowout/blowdry serum, protecting against heated tools, UV damage and humidity. The sheer versatility and effectiveness of Curl Revive make it well placed the top products of 2019. Hello soft and silky hair, nice to meet you :)


One of my all-time favourite come-back looks this year has been 90’s straight hair falling in a death drop from a centre part. If you’ve ever found yourself slaving away in your bathroom trying to get salon straight hair, wondering how on earth hairstylists and celebs manage to get it so perfect with seemingly little effort then Icon Welder is the product for you. Perfect hair is within your reach with this perfectly formed heat protection spray that holds your style and improves heat styling results like a dream.


I have met a lot of women this year who are genuinely concerned about hair loss. Whether its thinning at the temples, seeing their scalp through their hair, combing out clumps in the shower or frustration at not being able to get their hair to grow past their shoulders, you might feel a little bit self-conscious to be worrying so much but hair loss can chip away at your confidence in the same way that problem acne does. Kevin Murphy Body Mass uses the same technology as eyelash and brow serums to boost your hair density, fortify the root shafts of your hair and extend the growth phase of your hair cycle.


Pretty much everybody I know with fine hair loves this spray. It gives big volume and cool sexy texture without tackiness while patented polymers absorb oil at the roots. Definitely on the light end of the texture spray scale, this is why it’s such a good product in fine hair. If you’re trying to get away with not washing your hair everyday (who isn’t lets be honest) Oribe Dry Texturising Spray will freshen you up and bring some strong form to your hairstyle with very little effort.

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