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The Hair Part To Make Your Face Pop

Okay, today we're talking about face shapes and hair parts.

Most people have a natural part where the hair just falls on its own terms. You’re either the kind of person to run with it depending on how you feel, how clean your hair is or how much time you have in the morning, or you prep and preen that part to perfection every day, no hair goes unplaced. Whichever way, we believe you should always wear your hair in whatever way makes you feel the coolest and most beautiful.

If you are curious to know what your face shape is or which hair part suits your hairstyle and how to wear it, then keep reading. We have a few tips and tricks to make your face POP! Texture, length and face shape all taken into consideration.


How to tell if you have an oval shape face? Your face is longer than it is wide with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face, and your jawline slightly rounded. If you have an oval face shape, you can almost work any hairstyle. Lucky.

If you’re blessed with glorious curls, parting your hair from the side diagonally to the centre at the back will help to keep hair more balanced, especially if it’s thick.

If you have a long narrow face, you may want to side part your hair to add softness to the face and an illusion of width.

A centre-part can make features more noticeable because your eye is drawn to the centre of your face. This makes features that aren’t symmetrical standout, and we love that!


If your face is a heart shape, you'll have a wider forehead and a narrow chin point. Some people may have a widow's peak.

The perfect example of a heart-shaped face, complete with a widow's peak. Jaw length styles create width and balance the shape of the face. Think sweeping bangs, pixie cuts and long layers.

If you have a heart or diamond face shape, a centre part is perfect to go with face framing layers. Those long, beachy layers elongate and add fullness around the jawline.

All about face. When picking a parting for your hairstyle, a middle or side part both work well with a heart-shaped face as they soften the forehead and cheekbones. If you're going for a smooth look, try to avoid a top knot or high-pony as they can make your chin appear longer.

You've entered the matrix. Balance out your features with a razor-sharp side-part and a leather jacket. For something sleek, use a comb, some gel and slick it diagonally towards the back.


If you have a square face, your face will be almost the same width and length and your features are sharp as knives, well, maybe not knives but they are angular.

A long, sweeping fringe and layers are a big YES! Long hair looks awesome if you have a square face and cutting in cool, tapered bangs and textured layers are even hotter. The best bit? You can pretty much part your hair how you like with this look.

A beautiful example of how to rock chin-length hair with a more angular jawline. Go with an unfussy side-part and texture to add some softness to the front. You are good to go!

Subtle highlights will break up solid colour, adding depth and variation to your hair and if you have natural waves or curls, make it work for you! Volume is your friend :)


A round face has lightly softer angles than a square-shaped face and instead of being straight they curve, so your cheeks are fuller and you have a rounded chin.

If you have a round face, a sleek centre-part will give the illusion of length to your face.

Soft, face-framing layers with long bangs suit a round face. Try an angular style with a deep side part and some volume to elongate your face.

Maximise your natural texture to create height then sweep it down one side to show us your cheekbones - an off-centred part will narrow and contour your face.

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