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The Post Lockdown Hair Trends Coming Your Way

Inspired by the weeks-long lockdowns of 2020 there’s a new global haircut trend lurking at the edges of popular culture and it’s both sassy and irreverent. It’s the post lockdown chop.

Even though there’s no hip word or phrase to disseminate this new movement yet, that moment can’t be far away. In the long history of human beings, a global crisis is inevitably followed by a shift in what we think is cool. We’ve had the LBD, Zoot Suits, the Miniskirt, Power-dressing, Grunge, Logomania, Slow Fashion and on and on and on it goes.

The global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus Covid 19 will be no exception and TBH I’m excited, who doesn’t feel like a change?

While we wait for the perfect defining word to drop here’s what we’re going to be asking for; Square jaw-length layers, unblended bangs, boyish blunt bobs, choppy nape lines, unsophisticated bowl cuts, short-cropped crowns, shaved hair, and micro-fringes. Of course, you might also be picking up the scissors yourself.

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