Ugh Humidity Ruined My Blow dry - Again
Ugh Humidity Ruined My Blow dry - Again

You step out the door with great hair, looking awesome and feeling cool. Nek minute you can literally feel each strand expanding and crinkling out of shape in the moist summer air and you may as well not have even bothered with that 40 minute blow-dry that also made your arms ache.

The natural oils that our skin and scalp produce provide a very effective barrier against humidity, taking care of about the first inch of our hair-shaft but the rest of our hair is left to the mercy of the elements, swelling up and bloating and generally looking a bit s**t.

Adding insult to Injury humid weather lifts our cuticle and the cortex our of hair becomes exposed and vulnerable to dehydration and damage, hair becomes dry, puffy and unmanageable. It’s a major downer.

Here are a few weapons you can keep up your sleeve so that you are ready to look humidity in the eye, stare it down and conquer bloated hair this summer.


These blow-dry products deliver big time when it comes to protecting against humidity. Easy to use and great for all hair types, they are hydra-phobic, which in layman’s terms means that they will push water off your hair-shaft making for a faster blowdry and repelling humidity.


Dry every last ounce of moisture from your hair. Use a slim nozzle on your hair dryer to concentrate the airflow and direct it down the hair-shaft to smooth your cuticle and lock that moisture out.


Heated tools can flatten your cuticle into a near impenetrable fortress against moisture. Using a medium heat setting allows you to gently close that cuticle without the risk of scorching your hair.


We’re not talking about capsules out of the bottle here, we’re talking about supplementing the oil levels in your hair with a quality leave-in serum. Apply them to dry hair from mid-lengths to ends for an instant boost of humidity protection.


If you have fine hair, or you are heading out into the elements and think you’re gonna need a little more than just a blow-dry and a good serum, you can layer in an anti-humidity spray. On their own these are brilliant humidity fighters in fine hair that just can’t take the weight of an oil or a serum.