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Mega Volume Duo's

Big hair, big mood. The equivalent to shoulder pads in the 80s, it's totally a power move. We’ve just seen BIG cloudy curls strut down runways at Tom Ford paired with sultry (mascara-less) eye makeup and flashy jewels – was it a sign? Yes, in our eyes anyway.

Let's exaggerate curls, embrace waves and breathe life into flat hair. Got voluminous curls? Define, Define, Define! Got thick waves? Smooth and move. Got fine hair? Let’s plump it up. It’s the summer of billowing curls and vivacious waves.

We can’t reinvent the wheel but we can bring big, voluminous hair back from the 80s, in an even cooler way.


Alright our fine hair friends, if you want to build body, get smooth bouncy hair plus some strengthening goodness up in there, this Kevin Murphy duo is the one for you. Big hair, no crunch!

colleen recommends:

A plan to plump in 3-steps:⁠

  1. Spray Body Mass onto towel-dried hair, don't rinse out.
  2. Next apply Body Builder to your damp hair and put it to work! This silky mousse is going to help you create big strong hair with a healthy shine.
  3. Style your hair as you usually would; blowdry, curlers, and airdry - the choice is yours.


The secret ingredient to Bardot big hair? A dry shampoo! It absorbs oil, adds texture and boosts up volume. After this, you'll have hair so big even Dolly Parton would be proud. Picture yourself basking in the sun with big, bombshell hair, it’s a vibe.

colleen recommends:

Three steps to hair heaven:⁠

  1. After washing, spritz Dallas Thickening Spray through damp hair and blow dry.
  2. Follow it up with Death Valley Dry Shampoo, spray directly onto the roots for a boost and texture.
  3. Finish styling your hair as you wish.


Breathe life into your curls. This is an ideal wash-and-wear duo for when you’re short on time but not on hair goals. Enhance volume, control and define curls and impart major shine all in one.

colleen recommends:

Lush curls in 3 steps:⁠

  1. Wash your hair with Love Curl shampoo, massage gently, rinse and repeat application.
  2. Follow with a conditioner or mask as usual then dry.
  3. On dry hair, before or after you get styling, apply Love Curl Revitalizer from a distance of around 10-20cm for some elasticizing and volumizing action!


Do you want a look that lasts all night? Hair that is voluminous and glistens from dinner all the way to the after-party and everywhere in between? These are the heavy hitters to use for a long-lasting style and expensive-looking hair.

colleen recommends:

Hollywood hair in a flash:⁠

  1. Post shower, lightly mist Volumista Mist for Volume into towel-dried hair from roots to ends
  2. Blowdry your hair big!
  3. It's the double-up; spray Swept Up Volume Powder Spray into dry hair, focusing on your roots.
  4. Finish styling with fingers or brush through for instant expensiveness, and major volume!


It’s a morning after pick me up, like a caffeine hit it will whip your hair into SHAPE.

colleen recommends:

Big hair, big mood:⁠

  1. Wash away the night with Evo Gluttony Shampoo; build body and add a little texture while you wash.
  2. Follow up with your conditioner
  3. Hop out of the shower and begin your day with Shape Vixen; apply evenly to dry or damp hair then blow-dry for a healthy level of volume.


Going somewhere? Sphaera has created the perfect travel companions for when you need a deep cleanse and extra scalp support while you're on the move. There's no need to worry about your shampoo leaking through your bag OR having lifeless hair when you need it most.

colleen recommends:

A no-fuss regimen on the run:

  1. Soak hair and glide the wet shampoo bar from the hairline to the nape several times. Use water to build lather, working gently into the scalp and down the hair lengths. Rinse well.
  2. Following shampoo, glide the wet conditioning bar over the hair lengths. Comb fingers through till the hair feels silky, then squeeze gently, pressing the conditioner on. Leave a couple of mins, then rinse well.
  3. Style your hair as usual.
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