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We’re all aware of the damage prolonged sun exposure can cause to our skin, yet we tend to overlook it when it comes to hair. When talking about UV rays and hair, there’s UVB radiation that’s responsible for hair protein loss and UVA radiation that’s responsible for hair colour change (the difference between the rays being the length of the electromagnetic wave). And let’s not forget, the scalp is still part of your skin like anywhere else on your body and doesn’t always consider the sun its best friend.


Keratin is an essential protein that makes up your hair. The Vitamin D obtained from sunlight can be beneficial as it boosts the production of keratin, however, overexposure causes the opposite effect. Too much sun will allow UV rays to lift the hair’s cuticle and weaken the hydrolipidic films that protect each strand. Hair lipids are damaged by UV radiation, and the bonds that create elasticity and essentially hold the hair shaft together are broken down. Keratin is lost through holes that are formed, and as a result, hair becomes drier and thinned out. The effects of this can extend to hair becoming dull, fragile, and more prone to breakage. 

Similarly to skin, melanin is what determines what colour your hair is. As intense UV rays reach your hair, they can cause damage to melanin levels and bleach out or alter your natural hair colour. UV rays also affect colour-treated hair, leading it to brassiness. Additionally, colour-treated hair that is already stripped of natural moisture is more likely to dry and become brittle after exposure to the sun.

Even though your hair is there to protect you from the sun, the skin on your head is still sensitive to repeated exposure. Too much sun disrupts the balance of the scalp and results in skin drying out or even sunburn! When the skin on your scalp becomes too dry, it can start to peel and appear as dandruff. 

This can be avoided by using haircare products with UV filters. There are all sorts of formulations that can fit into your existing hair regimen, and also work to target your other hair concerns.


An ultra luxe conditioning mask for colour-treated hair, with intense UV filters that enrich and protect the cuticle. Repairs hair to keep it in the best condition throughout ongoing colour treatments.

For when you're in need of a miracle! Coloured and damaged hair will benefit from this intense moisture mask containing Macadamia Seed and Argan Oil. Works to restore hair health and avoid further damage from sun exposure.


One of our ultimate essentials, Elixir Luxe is a multi-benefit Rescue Hair Oil that helps protect hair from environmental stress. Apply 1-2 pumps to the mid-lengths and ends of damp hair to seal in moisture, boost shine, and protect against heat and daily damage.

An intense dose of antioxidants and amino acids to shield hair from UV rays and enhance color retention for all shades.


Iles Formula’s signature finishing serum, featuring a dynamic blend of ingredients that protects all hair types from environmental stressors. The serum creates a screen against UV rays, humidity and free radicals, and works to strengthen hair, repair split ends and prevent color fade.

This one’s for the blondes! A leave-on serum that provides thermal protection and gives elasticity to the hair fibre on blonde coloured hair.


A leave-in conditioner that gives hair a supercharged boost of Vitamin C, rich in antioxidants to help protect hair from environmental aggressors + UV damage. Helps to seal the cuticle and fight frizz.

A lightweight, daily styling treatment that moisturises, strengthens and protects the hair from UV + heat damage. Especially awesome for brittle, colour-treated hair.


A light leave-on spray that remineralizes hair without weighing it down. Beneficial for all types, and especially ideal for fine to medium fine hair as it works as a great detangler too.

A nutrient-rich conditioning spray featuring Oribe’s Multilayered UV Protection System. Trust this stuff for long-lasting UV protection, alongside thermal protection and high levels of proteins and emollients that condition the hair.

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