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Head Over Heels - Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Love is in the hair. 12 treats to gift on Valentine's Day.

Wild at Heart, 1990

Valentine's Day is getting closer, what's your next move?

Now, you could stick with flowers and chocolate from Countdown or you could gift good head this Valentine's Day 😉

This is for the starry-eyed romantic who gets caught up in the excitement of love with all things heart-shaped and perfect hair, the one who's out to seduce their crush, your Galentines dinner dressed in matching bows and ribbons - or maybe you're getting the silent treatment and need something major to redeem yourself...

Keep it fun and flirty, these are our top 12 picks for any Valentine's situation, even situationships.

Wear your heart on your sleeve and a barrette in your hair. Nothin' sweeter for your Galentines than a Bow Barrette by Chunks.

Rolling around in the hay? Better keep a Mason Pearson Pocket Brush in your bag then. 

In the bad books? Here's an expensive idea for redemption: The Delux Gift Set by GHD. 

We're all for a self-love moment with velvety body butter and a massage. Get yourself some Firming Body Butter and a Body Contour Massager by Tronque, you won't regret it.

Out to seduce? Use Chloe Zara Hair perfume for hypnotising hair flips in front of your crush. 

You're lucky in love and wearing a Lucky Clover Bow by Lelet to prove it.

Nothing says sexpectations like dim lighting and a moody candle, Leif's Buddha Wood candle will absolutely set the scene.

Leave your mark. Create a romantic flushed look with Touch Multi-Bene by Noto, giving a pretty pink pop on cheeks and lips.

For Curls in love. Love Curl by Davines for lovely curls. Shampoo, Conditioner and a free Curl Building Serum, nice.

Literally name one person who doesn't love a spa moment. Iles Formula Spa Collection is the ultimate luxury at-home experience. A nice 'situationship' date night in perhaps?

Rooted Oil by Noto is sexy and smoky. Perfect for a date by yourself or with someone else. 

Chunks Flower Power Claw for flowers that won't die.

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