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Why Did My Shampoo Stop Working?

The discovery of a shampoo that really works for your hair is soooooo satisfying. It’s almost as good as that new hair feel you get at the salon. Volume – check. Shine – hell yeah. Softness – mmhmm. Scent – dreamy.

But what happens down the track when that high subsides? Your hair is back to being flat, a bit duller, pretty lifeless even… and you ask yourself THAT question - How come my shampoo doesn’t work anymore?


Your shampoo has done its job and it’s time to move on. If your hair is damaged you should be using a repair shampoo but not forever, when the damage is repaired you can switch to something new. To use skincare as an example, we treat acne with specific lotions designed to target inflammation and infection and once that infection is gone, inflammation is a distant memory and we’re pimple-free, the acne cream goes straight back into the bathroom cabinet drawer, patiently waiting, ready to fight another day. Shampoo is exactly the same. You don’t need to finish that bottle of shampoo, vigorously shaking it to extract the last drop. If it’s done its job, put it aside and switch to a shampoo for volume, or moisture or whatever your next hair goal is. Now.


There was that one time when you were 18 years old and your hairdresser told you that your hair was dry, and ever since then you’ve been using a moisturising shampoo. So much has changed since then so why hasn’t your shampoo? On average your hair replaces itself every 5 years and both internal and external factors play a part in the condition and needs of your hair. We straighten it with hot irons, curl it with hot tongs, bleach it, tint it, leave it natural, perm it, cut it and grow it, it’s in a constant state of change. Add to these lifestyle factors like exercise, diet, stress, sleep, hormones and illness, and it’s getting even more complex. Now add genetics. Simply switching brands isn’t gonna be enough to deal with the complexity of change your hair undergoes in a lifetime.


Create your own hair regime based on what your hair needs right now, and switch up your regime regularly. Write a list of your top three hair goals and choose a shampoo that will help you to achieve them. It’s also totally cool to double down and alternate between two different shampoos. Customise your hair wash for your lifestyle and use a shampoo for work hair and a shampoo for party hair. Shampoo is a great tool, for great hair, use it.





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