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All The Smells

Perfume: The story of a murderer (2007)

I would stake my life on the fact that when a human being gets their hands on a brand-new hair or beauty product they will immediately open the lid and take a big sniff.

Smell is cool. It is outrageously evocative. Found in a small strip of tissue high up in our nose and connected directly to our brain are olfactory sensory neurons, each with one odour receptor. These can ping in beautiful, intricate, and infinite combinations to communicate scent to our brain.

The hypothalamus is just one part of our brain processing scent, letting us know if it’s good enough to eat, make babies with, or run away from. Which sounds exactly like a nasal game of fuck-marry-kill to me.

Even more wild is that smell is the only developed sense that we have in the womb.

When we smell a beauty product are we seeking a connection? - to our past, our loved ones, the possibilities of the future, the comfort of the present? Does scent make us feel loved, powerful, optimistic, centred, or set free from the mundane? Yes, and yes -which is why it is the grooviest sense of all.

Here are some of our absolute fave products to include in your daily hair and beauty routine for a hit of good smelly feels.

Kawakawa leaves, beeswax, and jojoba combine with natural fragrance to give a hint of bitter cacao and sweet almond. Not only is Moisture Lock by Maryse a skin-quenching dream, but the scent is also earthy and botanical in the best possible way.

Inspired by a childhood spent in the bush and at the beach in Coromandel, the scent profile kicks off as a sweet sherbet-y citrus then as the lather develops hits you with a sensual woody scent.

A strong lingering scent of white rice and amber that will stay with you through the day, gently reminding you that selfcare brings lasting joy.

The scent that brings all the boys to the yard. Light floral and citrus notes provide the signature scent for this iconic spray for sultry texture and sexy lift. It’s a people pleaser.

Buddha Wood Hand Wash by Leif contains deeply aromatic Buddha Wood, capturing the earthy aroma of the outback. This meditative blend of good oils includes Sandalwood to help keep you centred. Sweet Orange adds softness to the base.

A sweet, spicy blend with warm woody undertones of Sandalwood and Pepper and lifted floral top notes of Bergamot and Pink Grapefruit. Coconut milk and Sweet Almond oil combine for a rich, silky lather and long-lasting moisture.

It’s a green dream. Dense grassy notes of Hemp Seed Oil extracted from flowers, leaves and seeds of the Cannabis Sativa plant and Broccoli Seed Oil bring a sense of calmness and connection to the earth.


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