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Your Essential Haircare Tool Kit

Tools we can't live without; this is everything you need for air drying, styling, hair health and maintenance.

The tools you use on your hair are equally as important as the products you're layering up. Here are the essentials that everyone needs in their at-home hair styling kit. Follow our guide and get one step closer to achieving your hair goals.


A hairbrush is so much more than getting rid of knots and tangles. Brushing your hair daily helps to stimulate your scalp and promote hair growth, distributes the natural oils from your roots for a natural shine and minimises frizz.

A good hairbrush is your no.1 styling assistant for blowdrying and styling too. Be more like Marcia Brady and brush your hair. Find the right hairbrush for your needs here.


Essential for healthy strands and styling; a strong comb is a versatile tool for product distribution in the shower or while styling, getting a precise hair part or for sectioning, gently detangling and enhancing your dry style or smoothing over a finished look. Keep one by your basin, in your bag and in the car because you never know when you'll need a zhuzh.


Put that big fluffy towel away. If you air-dry your hair then this luxurious Iles Formula Hair Turban is a must-have. The super absorbent micro-fibre towel dries hair quickly reducing static, frizz and breakage. It's easy to pack in your gym bag or suitcase if you're travelling or pop on while you're tending to your skin.


Cute and functional accessories to complete your look. Creaseless Clips are ideal for securing your hair back as you do your skincare and makeup, the Y.S Park Clip L are ideal as you blowdry, straighten or style - and they come in a handy pack of 5. Gloria's silk scrunchies are a gentle option to secure your hair for a glam day look or even as you sleep, and everyone needs something super special in their kit, and Lelet NY's Le Bow Headband is just that.

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