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Autumn Skin Is Setting In

Frederikke Sofie by Philip Messmann for Tekla.

Don’t let a blue sky fool you, those crisp sunny days always start with a bite of fresh, cool air first thing in the morning. It’s Mother Nature signalling to us that autumn has arrived – even before the leaves have turned and the heat pump is timed to blast 26 degrees before you even get out of bed.

With a snap, cold breeze comes a dryer climate and some changes in the way our skin looks, feels and functions. It is a good time to make considerations regarding your AM/PM skincare routine - this isn't an overhaul but think of it as your seasonal switch out. Most of us don’t rock shorts and a t-shirt year-round and the same goes when it comes to our skincare regimen; you want to wrap up in heavier layers to protect your skin from dehydration, irritation, and pesky chapped lips.

Here are 5 simple yet essential updates to keep your skin protected and nourished right through until Spring.


Cleansing is fundamental. It not only clears skin from makeup and accumulated dirt but it provides a clean canvas for the next steps in your daily routine.

In Winter, due to less humidity in the atmosphere, the skin produces less oil making it prone to drying out. Swap out your gel cleansers for a smooth-textured cream or balm cleanser to carefully cleanse without drying out your skin further. Using a cream cleanser, like Grown Alchemists Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser, is great for all skin types through all seasons; gently clearing away makeup and other impurities while locking in much-needed moisture.

Cleansing balm, such as Enzyme Refine Cleansing Balm by Maryse, is beneficial for drier skin types during Autumn and Winter; efficiently melting away makeup and providing a deep cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The perfect base for what comes next.


For that impending dryness caused by general winter activities such as sitting by the heater or getting blasted in the face by wind, call in some extra help to avoid the irritation and sensitivities that come with cold weather.

An extra shot of hydration in the form of a facial serum that contains the powerful humectant, Hyaluronic Acid, will assist your skin in retaining water while reaping the benefits of other nourishing ingredients. Using a serum will boost your daily routine to get skin looking plump and glowing, even on the dullest of days.


It’s time to bring out the heavy hitters; switching out your lightweight summer moisturiser for its thick, luxurious counterpart will help to restore damage to the lipid barrier caused by drier, more harsh conditions and deeply hydrate your skin.

Opting for a moisturiser that contains; Ceramides, Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Glycerin will help retain and seal moisture within your skin, reduce dryness and irritation, as well as minimise fine lines and brighten your complexion.

Not everyone experiences dull, dryness during winter; for oily and acne-prone skin types the wintry conditions may cause the skin to produce excess sebum. To combat this, adding a light moisturiser like Foile's Daily Jelly or an oil like Jojoba into your winter regimen will keep the skin supple and balanced. Jojoba Oil is also naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, helping to calm the skin.


It may be the season of chapped, dry lips but it doesn’t have to be. Keep them plumped, protected and hydrated with an antioxidant-rich, hydrating lip balm by Grown Alchemist. While Treatment Balm by Maryse harnesses the unique healing properties of Manuka honey to provide calm and intensive moisture to dry or cracked areas. Ideal to keep on hand, because no one likes a crispy kiss.


Just because you keep your elbows enclosed and legs covered all winter doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a daily dose of velvety, vitamin-enriched hydration. Firming Butter by Tronque is just the ticket, as is Glow Crème by Salt By Hendrix for a bit of shimmer glow-up - the perfect touch before a night out.

When you step out of the shower or bath, with your skin still damp, massage an intensely moisturizing lotion into your body. Use a liberal amount to help trap moisture and keep your skin hydrated.

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