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Sweet Holiday Hair 2021


Level 1: Quick and easy, get your look in 2 minutes
Level 2: You will need 2 products and 5 minutes to achieve this effortless style
Level 3: Level up holiday mode, you'll need 10 minutes for this.

Kate Moss

The perfect hairstyle to go with an LBD, scraped back into a tight knot, not too high, not too low and zero volume. Effort level 2.


Let humidity do your dirty work with a half-up, half-down style that’s super sweet and a little bit wild, scrunch some moisture serum in the ends to get an authentic sweaty tropical market vibe. Remember to bring your reusable bag. Effort Level 1.


For an instant glow up brush out your tangled beach hair, add some backcombing and some shine spray and sweep it all back with a wide headband or scarf. Effort level 2


Poolside glam is within easy reach. Wrap your hair up into a turban, use a t-shirt, scarf or towel. Simply throw your head upside down, lay the fabric over your hair, twist at the front and tuck or pin the tail at the nape. Accompany with oversize sunnies and a pedicure. Effort level 1.


Makeover short hair with a quick blast of your blowdryer, a nice hairbrush and a can of hairspray. Effort level 2.


There is nothing quite as chic as dark glossy hair in a minimalist silhouette. Wet your hair down, add some mousse, hit it with a sharp centre part and finish with a generous layer of shine serum. Effort level 2


A knockout summer look. Transform your hair from ordinary to iconic with a blast from your blowdryer, a bunch of backcombing and half a can of dry texturizing spray. A few bangles wouldn’t go astray. Effort level 3.


For all the people lucky enough to have curly hair. Brush out your curl from underneath and top it with a no logo cap. Make sure you’re not putting any heavy moisturizers into your curls, light and fluffy is the dream texture. Effort level 1.


A French twist is low key sexy and looks good on all hair types. Gather your hair at the nape, twist it like a rope then fold it back up (and down again if your hair is long enough) pin into place or use a big claw clip. Keep as much volume as you can and let stray hairs around your face do their thing. Effort level 2.


Plug in your hot rollers. If you’re not already a lucky owner of hot rollers or hot sticks, hit up your local op shop, you can usually find some there. Enjoy a spritz while your hair is setting then let the volume and curl loose on the world with the quick rake through of a wide-tooth comb. Effort level 3.

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