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Ready for some Big Hair Energy

Amy Winehouse

You might not think that you are ready for a big hair moment yet. Think again. Big hair is cool, it exudes a vibe that is badass and hot and messy and old-fashioned and prissy and expensive all at the same time. It’s called Big Hair Energy and we are here for it.

Granted, the low effort, no fuss, natural hair look isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it’s a classic and it’s here to stay, we’re cool with that and we’re definitely not knocking it.

What to do when you really feel like having a moment, when your statement bag and your statement heels and your statement coat aren’t quite cutting it in the energy stakes? Pick up that teasing comb and take the leap - that can of super-strong hairspray at the back of your bathroom cupboard is about to have its moment in the sun/strobe lights.

Margaret Vinci Heldt

Margaret Vinci Heldt passed away on June 10 2016 at the age of 98, leaving us with the legacy of the Beehive. Inspired by one of her favourite hats Margaret created the beehive for volume and durability. "I used to tell my clients, 'I don't care what your husband does from the neck down, but I don't want them to touch you from the neck up.’” Nailed the feminist POV of the time IMO.

The Beehive and its cousin the Bouffant are designed to last. No amount of sex or dancing or boardroom antics is gonna mess with these dos, in fact, like a good cheese, both are styles that get better with age.

Dolly Parton

Let’s talk about icons. Big Hair Energy is super popular with Drag Queens and Country Music and generally badass peeps with a reputation for dancing to the beat of their own drum. If you know you know. All the cool icons know.

The 1960s were a hotbed for big hair. Pretty amazing because dry shampoo and volume powder didn’t show up until the 2000s. And then there’s fashion of course – an ongoing love affair that now spans two centuries.

Ronnie Spector



Gloria Steinham


Lady Gaga




Brigitte Bardot

Emilia Wickstead

Marc Jacobs

Valentino SS20

Liz Taylor


Patsy Stone


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