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Girl About Town: Chloë Sevigny's Cool Hair Moments

Photograph by Lizzi Bougatsos

By Tara Young

Looking back at Chloë Sevigny over the years you realise she is every bit the over-exposed New York IT Girl (from Connecticut), whose every dance move, outfit and on-screen, print or party appearance has been heavily documented and mood-boarded since the 90s; her Sonic Youth music video cameo, the Miu Miu campaign moments and line up of cult indie films including Harmony Korine's film Kids, Party Monster, Boys Don’t Cry, and American Psycho.

From then on, Chloë has unashamedly brought her shape-shifting singular style to the forefront of every event she attends and with each street-style shot she's papped in. With her signature blond hair, a middle part or pulled back style with a red lip and mascara, her fashion statements are anything but predictable.

Chloë Sevigny's cool-girl-indie allure is ingrained in every wannabe's mind and her style has been dissected and but never really replicated. As an accidental ambassador for underground New York youth culture, she did it all from the skate styles, rave days, vintage shopping, and indie sleaze era to the red carpet. Always lingering in the shadows of a trend, exactly where people like her prefer to be.

Chloe Sevigny for ES Magazine

From the buzz cut and pink bowl cut to the fluffy updos and flowing glossy waves, sift through a lineup of Chloë Sevigny's top style moments and some fun hairstyles to try.

Pretty Radical: "When I was a teenager, I was really into hair; I dyed it different colours and had loads of haircuts. I shaved my head when I was 17 - it was pretty radical!"

Bleach on Bleach: It's the top of the 90s and bleached brows and hair are a sign of the times as seen on Chloë Sevigny as Dot in Gummo, 1997.

Bedhead: Shaggy, matte texture that looks a little bit dirty but undeniably cool. Chloe Sevigny nails the look.

Pink Tint: Here for a good time not a long time, use a colour shampoo and conditioner for a playful makeover.

Cutsy Bows: Frosted eye makeup and a girlish bow, 2003 Chloe was an ice queen. Perfect example of how a bow, or any accessory, can level up your look in a flash.

Doll parts: Fluttering doll-like lashes with high-shine plaited pigtails and matching bows for a femme accent. Lady-like and girly all at the same time. Begin by prepping your hair in the shower with a regimen for shine, follow with a luxe Leave-In Conditioner and get those pigtails poppin'.

Classic French Braid: Though difficult to execute by yourself, and some painful memories at the hands of your mum in primary school, French Braids are a classic hairstyle to reinvent, you can keep it prim and proper for an elegant look or loosen it up with some wispy flyaways for an undone vibe.

Fluffy Flyaways: Why not embrace those wispy baby hairs? Flip your head over and blow dry, brush it out or tease it up. It's giving an effortless pillowy texture and angelic vibes.

Chic & Cropped A crop is super modern and versatile. For a smooth 60s/Factory Girl-esque style, blowdry it straight, apply a lightweight pomade for shine and hold then gently brush the hair into place using a bore bristle brush such as Mason Pearson.

Hollywood Waves: Major volume and full-on glam, Hollywood Waves for the sparkling extravert and fashion maximalist.

Crowning Glory: Pulled back blonde waves adorned in twinkly jewelled barrettes. Pop on a deep lip for some gothic romance.

Glam Bangs: Want to do a slick back look but don't know what to do with your bangs? Curl them! A face-framing accessory that you can use to your advantage.

Slicked Wet Look: Taking a wet look to a slippery new level, with a middle part, brush and a lot of gel you can submerge your hair into a look that's fresh out of the shower - no water needed.

Chloe Sevigny at Loewe Fall 2023

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