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Lately we have been dreaming of nineties layers and there is no one better to personify the look than runway legend Claudia Schiffer.

If you were born in the seventies then you’ll know. Coming of age in the ’90s was fun. It was all ecstasy and dancefloors, teeny tiny miniskirts and low-riding boot-cut jeans. It was Doc Martens and Dickies. And it was the era of the BIG 5; Cindy, Naomi, Christy, Linda, and Claudia. These 5 women launched high fashion to the masses and were more famous than the couture houses that they walked for.

Claudia’s hair though. It is undeniable. She is a literal shining example of how to do layered hair.

1990! Teen Queen

That sparkly cable knit is too cute.

An instant icon

An early outing for Chanel

Natural beauty

Owning the Chanel campaign in the era of hardware.

Shot by Herb Ritts, Zigzag parting anyone?

Just one of a few VERY famous Versace shows.

1993, goals: At a signing of her very own calendar. Those bangs are dream.

Chilling with Steven Meisel

The literal meaning of 'mega wattage'

'93 for Valentino. Cute hat, Claudia.

1993 Versace; this look would later be used for a replica Barbie Doll of Claudia.

Backstage with Chanel.

BTS as Barbie by Ellen Von Unworth

Statement necklace at Cannes Film Festival

Chanel Bride!

As Barbie by Ellen Von Unworth

An icon in chainmail at Gianni Versace's afterparty.

Spring Summer '95 runway for Chanel and the 90s begin to take a turn.

Thierry Mugler didn't get the grunge memo.

1995 by Juergen Teller

Full glam in Rome for Valentino

On the runway for Valentino.

Hosting at the Oscars with James Bond and Naomi Campbell.

Back at Herb Ritts' beach house with a lot more hair.

A new era Claudia by Bruno Bisang.

Matchy matchy with boyfriend, David Copperfield.

Levitating for love

Street style

Starring role as Susan in Blackout.

Poster girl for Citroen.

Windswept and captured by Ellen Von Unwerth.

1999 by Juergen Teller for Marc Jacobs. Cosy.

Embracing the full indie vibe for the Sunday Telegraph by Juergen Teller. It's the end of the 90s, and a new dawn is here.

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