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Crystal Charged

Healing by way of Crystals has been used since forever by ancient civilisations, flower children and modern-day hipsters. While their powers aren’t exactly backed by science, it has never stopped anyone from believing in their spiritual power and magical healing properties. Since the invention of social media, they have never been more popular, probs because they look so good in a flat lay.

Many believe in the power of Crystals emitting a harmonious vibration that can influence and help us heal. Makes sense when you consider we're all made up of vibrating atoms.

They come in pretty colours, all different crystallizations – it’s hard to choose just one, and why should you? - Whether it be cleansing your aura, sparking bright fires under your motivations, inspirations and ambitions, or protection, there is something for you. You can basically infuse your whole life with crystals these days – in water bottles, lamps, jewellery, skincare and sex toys.

Unfortunately, we don’t sell sex toys but we do sell Rose Quartz beauty tools, here’s what they can do for you:


Rose Quartz is an essential for anyone starting their journey in crystals. The powerful healer promotes a sense of calm, reducing daily stresses and tension. It’s said to allow expression of love, sensitivity and compassion towards ourselves and people around us by opening our heart chakra to let all the love in and soothe those unwanted neg energies.

For those who believe in the healing properties of crystals, rose quartz is considered to have the most power - Hence why it’s popularly used in skincare.


Apply a face oil or serum to your clean and dry face, neck and décolletage. Using light pressure, massage across the face and neck using the below technique for at least one minute (3-5 minutes is ideal).

Jawline: gently sweep from the chin along the jawline in an upward motion towards the ears.

Neck: gently press at the base of the neck above the collar bone and move Gua Sha in an upwards motion towards the jaw.
Cheeks: gently press from the centre of the face and work outwards towards the ears (be careful and extremely gentle near the eye area).

Brow: gently sweep across the brow line starting from the centre and working outwards.

Forehead: gently sweep in an upward motion towards hairline.

We always recommend being gentle and using light pressure to avoid any bruising on the face.


Apply a face oil or serum to your clean and dry face, neck and décolletage as per your usual skincare routine. Using the large, smooth, curved end of the beauty tool, gently press under the eye area, starting at the central under eye area and pressing outwards to the upper cheekbones


Apply a face oil or serum to your clean and dry face, neck and décolletage.
Using the wide end of the roller, starting at the jawline, massage in an outward direction across the face, neck and décolletage.
Use the smaller end around the eye area. You can also use the smaller end to massage up and around the upper brow bone.

Your Rose Quartz does need to be recharged regularly. Use running water to cleanse the stone and moonlight to recharge it's healing energy.

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