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Some people are just born blessed. Their silky hair flows effortlessly, glimmering strands set afloat in a gentle breeze fall perfectly back into place and a simple hair toss is a thing of beauty to behold. For the rest of us, running our hands through our hair without coming to a jarring halt when we hit the tangle of knots in the ends – well - this is the stuff of dreams.

Tangles are caused by:

Friction between the cuticles of hair strands works like Velcro. The raised cuticle of one strand grabs onto the raised cuticle of another and viola, you have yourself a knot. Multiply that by the more than 100 000 hairs on your head and good lord it’s no wonder some of us struggle to keep it together hair wise.

For many children across the globe our first introduction to hair products was the sickly-sweet smelling detangler used as a prep spray before our parents ruthlessly ripped through our knotty hair with the family hairbrush.

Over the years...

Detanglers have remained pretty much the same since their inception: a finely balanced recipe of sensuality and science. Detanglers deal with that pesky friction between strands by either coating the hair with a polymer or an oil, reducing the pH of the strand to constrict the cuticle, changing the electrical charge of hair to reduce static, or all-of-the-above.

What’s the diff when it comes to choosing between a leave-in conditioner or a detangler?

There is a bit of cross over between these two hair products.

A leave-in conditioner usually contains ingredients designed to treat hair issues like strength and hydration using vitamins and proteins, humectants and other goodies. The chemical mechanics of a leave in conditioner will usually mean some level of hair penetration and a bit of cuticle movement.

A detangler on the other hand will concentrate specifically on the cuticle or the surface of the hair to smooth imbrications and reduce friction while you go about your day plus helps to prevent mechanical damage to your hair while brushing, combing, or using hot tools, hair bands or rollers. Sequestering agents help to prevent products building up in the hair for a glossier natural finish overall.

The good stuff:

  • Obvs no more knotty messy hair
  • Works well in any hair type
  • Provides a dream base for layering styling products
  • Reduces drying time, hooray
  • Boosts shine, yes please
  • Prevents damage and split ends and TEARS

Pro tip – Mist a little detangler directly onto your hairbrush before your nightly 100 strokes ☺

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