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Don’t Sweat It – Simple Rules For Gym Hair

How bad is sweat for your hair?

Sweat is made up of 80% Sodium Chloride and 11% Lactate


The upside: It’s not so bad for your scalp. Lactate a less acidic form of Lactic Acid which is an AHA. We’re pretty familiar with this in our skincare as it’s a regular ingredient used in facial peels to remove the top layer of skin revealing the smoother and brighter skin underneath.

The downside: The peeling effect of Lactic Acid will increase your scalp’s sensitivity to UV rays and can cause inflammation in sensitive scalps.


The upside: This is just plain old salt or NaCl as it's known to sciency people. It’s a microbial inhibitor – translation – Sodium Chloride has powerful antibacterial properties.

The downside: Left on your scalp, it can clog your hair follicles and lead to hair loss. Salt absorbs water so while it’s there it’s also sucking up the good moisture from your scalp.


  • Tie your hair up in a scrunchie or wear a sweatband. Not only will you look cool, loosely tying your hair up will actually keep you cool. = less sweat.
  • Brush your hair after a workout, get some air up in there and increase circulation to your scalp. You could scrape by with a really good hair flip.
  • Cleanse your hair follicles of salt and toxins with a shampoo or warm water rinse straight after the gym. We sell shampoo so obvs this is our number one recommendation.
  • Wear a hat during outdoor workouts as sweat makes your scalp more sensitive to UV rays. Trying to apply sunscreen on your scalp is a total bummer.


  • Wear your hair in a tight ponytail as this can restrict your scalp’s circulation and airflow to your hair follicles. Great for an instant facelift but a no-no during workouts.
  • Leave your cap on after a run. The warm and moist environment under your cap becomes a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. EW.
  • Use dry shampoo to get yourself through to the next workout. Dry shampoo can mix with sweat and really cause a problem for your follicles. Probably an effective way to thin out your hair. Dry shampoo should be used on dry hair.

Made for your gym bag:

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