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Hair Plopping For Frizz Free Curls

Sophia Roe via Instagram

Each hair type comes with its own likes and dislikes, like a dating profile; preferred products, specialised tools and specific wash, dry and styling techniques. Some types require more time and effort than others but we would unanimously swipe right on a good hair day.

If you are blessed with curls or waves, you have probably heard of the technique, Plopping - the hands-free, heat-free styling technique that leaves curls securely in their place to dry; revealing the shiny, frizz-free curls and waves of our dreams, with little to no extra effort.

Hands-Free? Heat-Free?

Anything that will save a couple of mins towards achieving hair goals is worth a shot, right? Ok, so this method is not entirely hands-free - you will still need those - but the secret here is drying your hair in a pile on the top of your head rather than weighing it down or twirling it up in a big fluffy towel.

Why? Each time you twist your hair up in a towel to dry you’re stretching out your strands, roughing up the cuticles and disrupting the natural curl pattern and this tends to leave curls frizzy, undefined and prone to breakage. A recipe for a bad hair day, imo.

The Plopping method is for those with wavy and curly hair types, specifically looser curls (2A-3B). For tighter curls (3C-4C), it does dry effectively, however, can lead to shrinkage and loss of definition. Braiding or twisting your hair before you wrap it up can help to avoid that.

This method does require a bit of trial and error to see how your hair responds and what works best for you - but we promise when you reach your #hairgoals, you won't turn back!

How To Plop Your Hair:


  • Leave-in conditioner or your favourite curl cream
  • Hair gel
  • T-shirt or microfibre towel

    1. Begin with freshly washed hair before saturating it in a leave-in conditioner or curl cream to prep your curls.
  1. Next, load up on hair gel, making sure it's distributed evenly.
  1. Bend your head down, flip your hair over and ‘plop’ it in the middle of your towel or t-shirt, ensuring your hair is gathered in the centre.
  1. Let's wrap it up.

Using a T-shirt: Grab the bottom of the shirt and lay it over your head so it touches the nape of your neck. Twist the sleeves around your hair and tie it up on top of your head to secure everything together.

Using a microfiber towel: Follow the same steps as the T-shirt, but instead of wrapping the sleeves around your hair, twist the sides of the towel before tying them together on top of your head. Tuck any excess fabric underneath or, if you have a lot of extra material, wrap it towards the front for an even more secure wrap.

When wrapping, make sure it's loose enough that your curls aren't crushed but tight enough that your hair wrap is secure.

  1. Leave your hair for about 15 to 45 minutes - maybe even overnight, it really is a personal preference. Unravel, style your hair with your favourite finishing products and have a great hair day.
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