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8 Hair Trends To Lookout For In 2024

By Helena Madonna

One of the best parts of hair is the ability to switch it up on a whim, it could be an instant mood boost or a full-scale transformation. Feeling blah, wash your hair. Going through a breakup, get bangs. Winter is coming, dye your hair red. Caught in the wind, use that random g-string in your bag to secure your hair into a Pammy-style messy bun.

Throughout 2023, we saw a big emphasis on scalp and hair health and investing in great tools. Big trends like romantic coquette bows took over, cool claw clips emerged with the 2000s renaissance, 70s-style curtain bangs were the cool-girls go-to and blunt bobs made a sassy comeback.

So, what does 2024 have in store? I have sifted through the latest fashion week runway looks and countless TikTok micro-trends, so you don't have to. I interrupt your regular scheduled scrolling to bring you this year's hair trend report.

Flowers are the new bows

Our 2023 feeds were no doubt clogged with one unrelenting trendy accessory, bows. Bows on shoes, bags, jewellery but mostly, in hair. At last, we're seeing a new hair accessory emerging from the fashion week horizon; flowers.

The Giambattista Valli couture show showered their models with freshly cut, very real flowers blooming in a wilt-preventing temperature of 40 degrees. For practical reasons, accessorising with flowers from the garden is unrealistic so we suggest going faux.

Take your pick from flower claw clips, silk petal scrunchies and headbands or simply floral hair ties, however, you'd like your garden to blossom.

Deep reds

By now, most of us have seen Dua Lipa's debut of her deep red locks, also known as 'Oxblood red' or 'Cherry Cola' red and I'm thinking this will kick start one of the season's most popular colours when it comes to bold ones.

What makes this kind of red ultra-wearable and flattering is the addition of a deeper base and the violet, almost mahogany undertones. On some hair, this can be achieved without pre-lightening and in terms of maintenance, it's made easy by the range of red-toned shampoos and conditioners. Although there may be some casualties in the form of white towels or pillowcases, I promise she's a choice you won't regret.

Soft side bangs

Whether you like it or it makes you run for the hills, for 2024, side bangs are making a comeback. Although this time we're not wearing them as heavy as we did in the early 2000's and are less likely to pair them with braided headbands or Fedora's.

Instead of thick and flat to the scalp think voluminous, floaty and delicate. If you were never a middle-class girl, this is the perfect addition to your next haircut. We're seeing them be worn with soft face framing layers or left loose from an updo for that effortless, 'I woke up like this' look.

Prom Up do's

When it came to up-dos, last year Pamela Anderson's 'thrown together' g-string bound bun steamrolled its way through red carpets and social media.

For 2024, we'll see many up-do's with the same haphazard charm and loose tendrils but coming in different forms. We'll be seeing the return of French twists as well as loose high ponies. For an easier, on-the-go recreation, simply flip your hair upside down then pile and pin until your heart's content. Add curls for extra volume or work with your natural ones if you have them.

Blended over bold

Last year we saw the celebration of Y2K's bold and purposely chunky texture when it came to blondes, in the likes of 'money pieces' and 'peek-a-boo' sections but this year, I think we'll see those lines begin to blur, literally.

We'll be seeing quiet luxury-coded balayages with more blended dimensions, root shadows will remain popular and also aid in smoking out any harsh lines.

Micro fringe

She's bold, eyebrow baring and rebellious in nature. When it comes to bangs, the micro fringe has been a long-lasting trend we've seen gain popularity time and time again since Audrey Hepburn wore hers in 1953.

At the Schiaparelli Haute Couture SS24 show, Zendaya made a statement with her verging on avant-garde, inverted micro fringe and it is safe to say we're obsessed. It's the perfect bandwagon to jump on for those looking to spice up their bangs. Get creative when it comes to shapes and hard lines because your hair is resting steadily on your forehead and not battling with eyebrows or eyelid curves.

Dimensional Coppers

2023 saw the copper trend skyrocket, in many different depths and tones. Ranging from 'strawberry blonde' to 'cowgirl copper', there was something for everyone.

This year, copper will continue to reign but I think we'll begin to see more variation and dimension, as opposed to the blanket, block colours we're used to. Adding both warm high and lowlights will create a more lived-in feel to your copper, this trend is not only perfect for artificial redheads but also for those who are naturally blessed.

Hair perfume

Looking for a way to elevate your blow wave? I'm not talking about silk scrunchies or bows, I'm talking about scents. We love the smell of our freshly washed hair and now there's a product that can make that last all day: hair perfume. These products are specifically designed for the scalp and hair. They are much lower in alcohol than regular perfumes to avoid drying or damaging, and most contain ingredients that lock in moisture and nourish the hair.

Did you know that perfume lasts longer in hair? In the same way, our hair can pick up unwanted odours, it's also great at holding on to the nice ones. Hair perfume is perfect for that post-pool swim or gym session to tide you over until your next shampoo. Wear it on its own or layer it over your other leave-in products.

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