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Spring Skin Switch Up

Harris Reed Spring 2023

As the sweet scent of jasmine and freesias get caught up wafting through the spring breeze, we are gently reminded winter, that cruel mistress is on the way out and the only thing left to remind us of its presence is perhaps dull, dry skin – which is absolutely not on the agenda this SS22/23, amiright?

While there is often no overnight solution we do have a few products up our sleeves to combat 5 common skin concerns caused by winter's dry, cool atmosphere and gale-force winds.


Put simply, lower humidity levels in the air cause skin to become dry. The water content of the epidermis reflects the environment around it, so in winter it’s accelerated resulting in roughness, flaking and itching. Uncomfortable.

No doubt you’ve been moisturizing yourself slippery but if dry skin is a concern, we recommend using a hydrating weekly mask to level up on hydration.

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Along with dehydrated skin comes DULL skin, which is also caused by a lack of moisture in the air. The stark realization that your skin has faded to a dull shade of grey usually hits you a month or two into winter and with that comes a strong desire to jump on a plane to somewhere hot and sweaty just to get some colour back.

Exfoliating once or twice a week is the best way to slough away dead skin cells and smooth & polish the skin’s surface so it reflects light and appears glowing or brightened.

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When our skin becomes dry due to lower levels of moisture in the air it can go into overdrive producing sebum in an attempt to rehydrate the skin, resulting in an oily complexion. Too much of this oil (sebum) causes the skin cells to stick together and clog pores, resulting in inflammation, blackheads and pimples. Other causes may include dietary changes or indoor triggers such as heating – gah, can we catch a break?

Using a gentle cleanser can help to decrease skin irritation and dryness without stripping the skin of the oil it needs to remain moisturised. Even better? Double cleanse; start by removing surface dirt, grime and excess oil then the second cleanse can get deep into the pores and really leave skin clean, addressing your unique skin concerns.

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If you’re prone to flare-ups and skin irritations in the cooler months, we recommend products formulated with calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients such as Green Tea or Squalane Oil to soothe and manage the symptoms. Eating foods with anti-inflammatory properties such as kale, ginger, and avocados, which are high in antioxidants and B vitamins can also help reduce irritations.

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And last but not least, fine lines, which appear more prominent when our skin is dull and dry – fabulous. There is no shortage of anti-ageing products and remedies out there but here are a couple of heroes for sensitive skin, formulated using Bakuchiol, the ingredient you need to know if retinol isn’t an option.

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