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Kakadu Plum - A Gift of the Dreamtime

With an abundance of nutrients, Kakadu Plum contains a superior blend of antioxidants and the highest source of Vitamin C in the world - 100x more than an orange in fact. Because of its rich vitamin C content, it is believed to hold a number of benefits for human health. It really is the queen of the superfoods.

This Northern Australian native, locally known as Gubinge, Murunga, or Billygoat plum, is considered a gift of the Dreamtime and has been used by Aboriginal peoples of Australia and Tasmania as food and medicine for tens of thousands of years. The fruit was used to treat colds, flu and headaches, the tree bark was more commonly used to treat skin conditions and burns, and the sap of the tree for joint inflammation.

What can Kakadu Plum do for my Hair?

SUPER STRENGTH, MOISTURE AND HYDRATION: Kakadu Plum helps stimulate the production of elastin and collagen, which helps to strengthen hair as well as lock in moisture to keep your hair hydrated.

GLEAMING GLOSS: Vitamin C removes dull product build-up and acts as a shine enhancer in your hair products. Kakadu Plum is so high in the vitamin your hair could be blinding!

PROTECTION AND SCALP HEALTH: Kakadu Plum can help protect your hair from free radical damage which creates a healthy scalp environment and benefits your hair.

What about my skin?

DETOXIFY: Kakadu Plum fruit is super high in antioxidants, these work to detoxify and neutralize toxins from your skin, particularly if you are prone to blemishes.

VITAMIN C: The fruit is rich in Vit C which is one of the essentials when it comes to slowing down the ageing process. Kakadu Plum works to minimize fine lines, as well as brighten and reduce redness from your skin.

HEALING: Kakadu Plum has been used by Aboriginal peoples for healing purposes for thousands of years, that’s because this wonder fruit has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties, it has the ability to remove impurities and treat unwanted blemishes.

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