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Lauren's Top Picks of 2023

By Lauren Gunn

My favourite time has come where I get to rant on and on about the products and tools that have been total standouts for me this year. I am a big believer in embracing the small joys of life and this little list is a testament to this philosophy.

This is a collection of items that tick so many of my boxes, from innovation to conservation, to style, and of course the realisation of beautiful healthy hair.


A daily ingestible that supports hair health and growth. I think it’s fair to say I know a bit about hair and what’s required to optimise its potential and these capsules contain a super cocktail of minerals and vitamins that your body requires to grow good, thick, healthy hair.

If you read our nerdy sciencey stories you’ll know that Zinc, Iron, Biotin and Vitamin B are essential, but we also have iodine, selenium and Anagain in this mix. Both Iodine and Selenium support thyroid function which is a hormone crucial in hair growth. Derived from organic Pea Sprouts Anagain is a trademarked and patented hair growth ingredient that works by extending the growth phase of hair and reducing the shedding phase.

It’s true results can vary from person to person, my experience has been awesome with the added benefit of glowing skin within a few days of taking Hairology. No complaints about that side effect.


This is game changing innovation. A wet to dry hair styler with zero damage to hair. A very cleverly and well considered tool.

The hair’s cuticle is kept calm and flat as the duet glides down the shaft drying the hair. Small side vents gently dry the roots and there is a Shine Shot mode that uses heated plates to seal the deal. Each function is set to an ideal temperature for epic performance with no damage.

My hair is a battle to blowdry. It is frizzy and yuck and always requires a heated tool to make it manageable and passable as well as taking about an hour to do. With the Duet it takes about half an hour, feels incredibly soft, is super shiny and still has some natural body, which I love.


It makes me happy to see so many hair and beauty brands providing refills now. Hopefully more will follow suit.

Sometimes I look at my recycling bin and despair. Recycling is a good and important practice but what I love about refills is the massive reduction in the production of glass and plastic from the outset, in some cases reducing that output by 80% as well as being recyclable!


You all went mad for the Butterfly Claw. Me too. What a whimsical delight and the perfect nod to 90’s revival culture. Chunks Claws are so well constructed and balanced I think they are an essential accessory and we all should have a few lying about the place.


I fall hard for a good curl product. I was lucky enough to be given a pre-release sample of this wash and rinse then consequently had to wait out the months until the official release by which time I was gagging to get my hands on them.

I have the kind of hair that with the right encouragement can form really pretty loose waves/curls. It takes the right product though as I’m personally not a fan of anything greasy in my hair. I like it to be light and glossy and frizz free. It’s a lot to ask of a product I know.

These two absolutely deliver - gentle cleansing that doesn’t overstimulate and intense hydration that isn’t heavy. Organic Oat Milk is the key active ingredient with fatty acids that have a similar profile to our natural sebum and provide a protective barrier against frizz and moisture loss. Ah, science.


Maryse nailed it with this lip shine, it’s a shimmery glossy treat.

Actually, my favourite way to wear this is on my cheeks. I like to think it gives me an Elizabeth Bennet after running across a field– kind of glow, a regency vibe but without any corsets. Corsets are cool again of course and Lychees are always in fashion.

This is 100% natural which is always a good thing for a lip product, and the key ingredient here is Raspberry Seed Oil delivering Omegas 3 & 6 and Vitamins A & E.


I’m in my headband era. It’s just such a killer accessory. Do we have the Met Gala to thank for the rise of cool hair accessories? I think maybe we do.

This one is a little bit extra which is exactly what I love about it. It pairs perfectly with an old band T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Lelet accessories are handcrafted in New York and it brings me extra pleasure when I have a product or am selling a product and I have a direct relationship with the makers. There is something nice about that in this world of Shein domination.

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