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Long Hair, Now What?

With long hair goals comes short hair temptation

Image/ Kirsty Hume by Michael Thompson, Vogue November 2000

By Tara Young

You know when you're growing your hair and you get to that point where you just need a drastic change in the form of a pixie cut a là Linda Evangelista? Same.

This is for all of you who are growing your hair out, dreaming of that hip-grazing hair moment. Consider this your reminder to hold out.

Angelic Naomi Campbell

For some, growing out your hair is the ultimate goal. From that cool pixie cut to the chic bob to the shaggy long layers, with each style comes a new persona and the refresh is energizing. But what happens when you're growing your hair out? Well, once you surpass precise styles and venture into long hair territory, it takes on a whole personality in its own right.

From The Birth of Venus and Lady Godiva to Naomi Campbell's runway hair flips, there's just something about long hair that has reeled me in. It's ultra-feminine and witchy with a youthful allure. It’s elusive and wild. Now, I just can't imagine my hair any other way.

Two and a bit years ago my daughter was born. Six weeks later I asked Sean (from colleen salon) for a bob and thank goodness he gracefully declined and cut a longer-layered style with curtain bangs. Since that day, I’ve been hell-bent on growing my hair; barely getting trims (they call it "dusting" in the salon), taking Vida Glow Hairology, combined with minimal hot tool usage and a solid haircare regimen and now I’ve finally made it. My hair is grazing on my waist between my top and jeans, almost long enough to tuck in or wrap around my neck as a scarf. Perfect. But how long is long enough? It’s almost too long for a top knot, it could strangle me in my sleep and gets tangled up as quickly as a hair flip is swished.

I'm at the stage where I can't help but lust over shags and tiny chin-grazing bobs sidelined by thoughts of bleach and red lipstick. Oh how easy it is to get a haircut when your hair stylist is a mere phone call away.

I know I'm not the only one. So, here is some long hair inspo to remind us all how glorious long hair is; a mood board of different styles to play around with, and accessories for when you want to glam it up or keep it out of the way. Anything to avoid colleen's hot seat and snip happy scissors.

A Renaissance Woman

Obsessed with the thorny Braveheart braids at Dior Cruise 2025.

Kendall Jenner really turned it out with this archival Givenchy AW ’99 Couture dress - but the Renaissance-inspired hair was what caught my eye

Whoever would have paired sleek pigtails with a Dior hoop skirt? You can always count on Anya Taylor Joy.

Embrace Natural Waves

Hair everywhere! Natural waves are so Brat.

For the luxurious witch. Image/ Gabriela Hearst Resort 2025.

Curly princess hair on Simone Ashley.

Colour blocking and whimsy waves courtesy of Cecilie Bahnsen Resort 25.

Crushing on Sydney Sweeney's fluffy waves.

Beachy waves and the eternal muse, Gisele.

Bows forever

Double up and level up your winter look.

Just a pop of red and a teeny tiny red clip, like Amelia Gray.

Super slick ponytail complete with a bow. J'adore Rachel Brosnahan's matchy-matchy look.

Slick it up a little higher, plait it and you've got Zendaya's iconic Challengers braid, for the coquette-girlies out there.

Bardot Bangs

Can't go wrong with Brigitte Bardot inspired curtain bangs and long layers.

From grown out Bardot bangs to Birkin bangs for a blunt, whispy look.

Turn the volume up with "Sabrina Carpenter bangs" and fluffy, tousled layers.

Blunt bangs and sleek lengths. Image/ Elle China

Max Out On Accessories

Love a Lelet Bubble Braid.

More is more and more is cute. Image/ iD Magazine

Rosie Huntington-Whitely on that chic French Twist Claw Clip.

Came for the leopard, stayed for the headband.

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