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Pixie Dream Girl

Emma Watson for Prada, 2022

Midst a busy Saturday afternoon at Colleen in Autumn of 2022, I turned to my colleague Sean and asked "Would you like to cut my hair after work?" His response was a nod with a huge grin, accompanied by a series of jumping and down.

Usually, such a mundane question between two hairdressers wouldn't trigger such a chipper reaction, however, Sean had been pleading with me to cut all my hair off. He'd seen a Prada campaign in a magazine featuring a super short, super cute Pixie cut and said that if I ever wanted to cut all my hair off, he had dibs. My answer had always been 'one day'. That day had finally arrived.

The sheer boredom of my long, over-coloured locks had taken over and much like the Autumn leaves, I was ready for my split ends to fall (never to rise again). Having Sean be the one to give me my biggest hair transformation to date, was the best hair decision I'd ever made. Not only did he nail the brief (Zoe Kravitz iconic role as Catwoman), but with my new look he'd granted me a love of iddy biddy inches.

What my hair lacked in length, it made up for in inducing a newfound self-confidence and chicness with a touch of cheekbone-enhanced contouring. I'd been converted to a short-haired girlie and I've been a devout member of that club ever since. Let me tell you why you should join, well, rather show you...

With this bucket load of Pixie cut inspo, you'll be out of excuses and left with a feeling that'll compel you to commit to the chop.

A lil' Rough Round the Edges

A pixie that is dishevelled in the most fabulous way possible. Grungy and intentionally roughed around the edges. A look where the devil lies within the chunky and choppy details. Fitting for those who gravitate towards messy looks, convert your messy bun into a messy Pixie.

Big n' Bouncy

A short do that brings bouncy 'mob wife' volume to the Pixie world. Perfect for those who love a big blowout and want to marry that volume with a Pixie cut. Leaving length through the top leaves the door open for versatility in styling options, paired with shorter length and tightness around the sides and back makes for a super flattering silhouette.

Bleach n' Crop

Super short and super snatched. Bleaching is suddenly made easy when you've got barely there inches (rather than milometers). With a striking icy tone paired with an empowering facial feature flaunting cut, you'll make a bold statement when entering any room. Need I say more?

Twirls n' Swirls

Contrary to what you might think, Pixie cuts can be just as multifaceted when it comes to styling options. Those options just look a little different to up-do's but make no mistake, they're equal in fierceness and can be easy to achieve. With a super strong hold gel and an old toothbrush (perfect for detailing), you too can spice up your sleek Pixie.

Retro Waves

A wet look that's retro and timeless. Finger waves have risen in popularity time and time again over the decades since their reign in the 1920s, elevating any look or outfit it's been paired with. It's an elegant way to style your Pixie (or buzzcut grow-out) that is made easier by a Pixie cut lack of inches. Less hair equals less time and effort.

The Mixie

Never suffer from a dull hair moment again. Make a fierce and bold statement with the Mixie. It's the foxy and ferocious hybrid of a Mullet and a Pixie. A style that truly heroes waves or curls and any bad ass ensemble.

Windswept to Perfection

A Madonna classic. Its neatened and cropped through the temples and nape making for a silhouette that'll do the contouring for you. To elevate and further extenuate its already piece-y texture, add a root shadow and a bucket load of dry texture spray.

The Soft Shag

Who says that Pixie cut lovers can't jump on the Soft Shag bandwagon? What it lacks in length, it makes up for in the same haphazard charm and face-framing choppy texture. A dreamy choice for those blessed with thick hair, the chipped-into length on top allows you to show off and celebrate all that hair density.

Bowl But Not Quite

A style that truly hero's pin straight textures. The razored texture helps to bring movement to hair types that fight against choppiness and volume. A short do that's flirting with bowl-like curves but brings more elements of sharpness. With little to no day-to-day maintenance, you can simply pomade and go.

The Classic Pixie

A classic for good reason. This ageless style has withstood the test of time and micro trends. It's soft with a romantic round silhouette, ideal for those who want to keep an element of femineity with their short length. A cut that flows with your hair's natural growth patterns (cowlicks, crowns and all) and will highlight any natural wave or movement.

The Hydro Pixie

You may have heard about 2024's latest wet-look trend: the Hydro Bob. Now allow me to introduce the Hydro Pixie. Glassy and glossy mermaid chic. It's a cheeky and glamorous way to give your hair a hot tool break. Only requiring a generous amount of oil, serum or glossy finish gel and about five minutes of your time, you'll be an undercover lazy, show stopper.

Curl Of Your Dreams

Curly or wavy textures and Pixie cuts are a match made in heaven. The natural movement offers effortless texture without the use of hot tools. With this shape and silhouette, the beauty is in the finer details; the choppy layers through the top, the baby bangs and the little extra length through the sideburns and nape area. All together, emphasizing those beautiful curls and waves.

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