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Quiet Luxury

Shiv Roy, Succession

It's one crazy serendipitous coincidence that the release of Succession Season 4 and the return of Shiv Roy to our screens, PLUS live coverage of Gwyneth at the Utah Ski Crash Trial PLUS the deepest recession we have seen in years have all come at once to create the explosion of quiet luxury culture AKA Stealth Wealth. Whatever you want to call it, the internet can’t get enough.

It’s not exactly news that our period of escapism is coming to an end. In the space of one fashion season, we’ve seen a dramatic shift on the runways from glorious excess to extreme minimalism.

The Row, Resort 2024

Quiet luxury is more than just a neutral colour palette. At its roots, it’s about investment in quality, the opposite of the cheap thrill. Cashmere sweaters, well-tailored pants that drape like a dream, a classy haircut, clean makeup and heritage jewellery all make the cut.

Investment pieces are now de rigueur. Goodbye Shein, hello The Row. Of course, we believe in investment pieces for your hair wardrobe too. With quality ingredients and good design, we have you covered for the best quiet luxury hair of your life.

It's giving classic preppy aesthetic, a casual weekend look elevated by a Teddy Sherling Headband, handmade by Lelet NY. If you're not sitting on the steps of The Met with your pals, you're rocking athleisure and hitting up your favourite local spots in the weekend.

The minimal white bottles and luxurious floral scent, it's a perfect spa moment. Iles Formula Spa Collection is all about investing in the best version of yourself.

The iconic Mason Pearson hair brush is the 'old money' of quiet luxury, in fact, it's barely changed since its creation in 1885. With barely a whisper of advertising, Mason Pearson hair brushes are highly coveted; sitting heavily guarded in the kits of world-renowned hair stylists, it's the hairbrush grandmothers buy their granddaughters, and it's best known for perfect, shiny, shampoo-commercial hair.

An oversized Diamond Velvet Scrunchie is a little bit of flounce to level up on the minimalism. From sitting pretty amongst tousled bed hair and messy up-dos to fastening back a sleek ballerina bun or wrapping around your wrist, it's some everyday luxury for your hair.

With the natural fragrance of Green Persimmon, Fig and Jujube Fruit, which is created in Grasse, France, and sleek packaging, Chloe Zara Hair Creme is the perfect multi-tasker to include in a minimal haircare regimen. Not only is it a great foundation for any styling techniques but it is ideal to use after styling to smooth frizz, add shine, and define curls and soft waves.

For professional-level hair at home, Y.S Park tools are the ultimate way to step up your game. Made from classic Teak wood; the lightweight, durable Pro Wood Styler is an unassuming investment that will last a lifetime.

One organic product that doesn't skimp on quality and performance. We are talking about one product for your hair, face, hands and body; Noto's The Wash. For those who prefer a super streamlined regimen - or those with none at all. Get lost in the natural scent of cedarwood, black pepper, bergamot, and coriander, it's an aromatherapy experience for your senses.

Invest in the best. Oribe is the equivalent to a sun-soaked Italian seaside vacation, it's the reason 90s supermodels had voluminous hair and now it's your turn. From the pristine bathroom shelfie on your IG feed through to a candle-lit dinner, cult-fave Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray is going to take you all the way. IYKYK.

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