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Sunny days! Pack Your Bags

Summer hair and beauty essentials for sunny holidays.

Blissfully Yours, 2002

By Tara Young

Are you the perfectionist suitcase packer who meticulously plans and folds your shorts & Tee's days in advance or are you a rushed, scrunch in a bag on the day you leave and hope for the best type?

Which ever way you lean, there is always a chance you'll forget something. Don't get caught out with that old shampoo that's been at the bach for the last 4 years or the bar of soap you found on the communal shower floor, do yourself a favour and suss the essentials now.

Whether you're staying home, relaxing at the bach, spending time in nature or hitting up festivals, colleen has the ultimate checklist for your vaycay mood and adventurous activities. Find shampoo bars and soaps, hair refreshers, travel kits and skin saviours, all your summer essentials in one spot.

And yes, we can deliver anywhere! Provided your bach has a valid address or the courier is prepared to find your tent.


Pauline at the beach, 1983

Phone down, Netflix who? When all you've packed is a pile of books, some yum drinks, your togs and a towel, these are your hair and skin must haves for when nothing is on the agenda.

O&M's Hydrate & Conquer Wash Treat and Style Set has everything you need in a handy carry case; shampoo, conditioner, an intense moisture masque and detangler to tackle those beach hair tangles. The Chloe Zara Everyday Comb in tortoise is a must have while Grown Alchemist body cleanser and hand wash make a refreshing duo for daily use - and perfect to leave behind for next time.


Contempt, 1963

Keep your beach bag permanently packed and make sure it's got the goods. Starting with SPF, don't you dare leave home without it.

Grown Alchemist Natural Hydrating Sunscreen is a cut above the rest; 100% natural, very moisturising and leaves no white cast all while being broad-spectrum SPF 30. Vitamin C oil helps amplify Broad-spectrum SPF effectiveness so chuck a Fully Ripe Vitamin C Oil by Tronque in the bag too and you'll be gleaming all day and into the night. Use Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray to refine your sexy tousled beach waves and keep them out of your face with a cute Chunks Checker Claw. You're good to go.


Celine and Julie go boating, 1974

What's the plan? Camping, tramping, swimming in rivers or lazing about in a row boat on a lake? Keep your kit concise, no need for a hairdryer when you're in the bush.

Our go-to is Sphaera Nourish + Restore Travel Kit. Caring, natural shampoo & conditioner bars that are gentle on your hair and kind to the environment. Foile lightweight muslin facecloth is an essential for a quick scrub or cool down. Maryse Treatment Balm is a multi-purpose wonder balm, enriched with the unique healing properties of Manuka honey and Foile's Coconut Body Oil is a minimal hydrator that comes in a handy refill pouch and takes up no room at all.


Saltburn, 2022

All right the night owls, party people and festival goers, here are the essentials to make the day after the night before and the night after that feel a little bit cooler and cleaner.

If you have access to a shower, lucky you! Scrub away the grime with Noto's The Wash, a soap and oil cleanser for your face, hair and body. Another multi-use hero by Noto; the Multi-Bene Stains; lips, cheeks and eyes all done up in one swish. Instant fun with Chunks Micro Claws, a Y2K moment Britney would love, and for the sun seekers, Grown Alchemist Hydra Mist is an instant refresh when you need a breather.


Pierrot le Fou, 1965

Car packed to the roof, tank is full, snacks on hand - don't forget to check the oil before you set off! If you find yourself on the road this summer, these are the best beauty essentials to keep in your glove box.

Been on the road for a while? Let Noto's Basil Yarrow Mist awaken the senses and refresh your hair. Leif's Buddha Wood Hand Balm is super nourishing with a smoky meditative scent. If you hair is feeling sweaty and looking flat, boost the mood with Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair and whip it back in to a flouncy, silky scrunchie by Gloria.

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