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tutti frutti Beauty

Juicy Beauty is in 🍉 Kiekie Stanners shows us how to get the look.

The flavour of summer is Tutti Frutti. Juicy lips, flushed cheeks, dewy eyes. Glowing skin that is hydrated from within.

Like warm fruity Lipsmackers smeared across your lips, semi-melted from sitting in your heavily guarded pocket at school, we are lusting for glazed summer skin with a natural glow only hours of a sunny Kiwi summer, or Susan Paul can achieve.

Makeup artist Kiekie Stanners, equipped with NOTO Multi-Bene Stains is showing us how to build up some refreshing glam for summer, you'll be feeling like a Fruit Punch Lipsmacker, only sweeter.


Blood Orange

Blood orange and blackberries, for a deep crimson reminiscent of the 90s. Stain your lips and highlight your cheeks with Genet for a touch of grunge. Build it up for a deeper jammy lip and blend that red wine stain.

Juicy Orange

Like biting into a juicy peach or an orange that drips down your hands, Ono Ono has that dreamy terracotta pop that is fresh and chic. Build on the lips, glaze over checks and swipe over the eyelid for a warm glow.

Watermelon Red

Let Oscillate splash colour over your face, like biting into a crunchy watermelon or slurping on a raspberry popsicle it is the perfect summer shade. Easy, fun colour with skincare-based ingredients.

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