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We Got Ya Covered!

Our local hair salons have closed their doors for the next 4 weeks, eeeek! It’s no surprise our hair didn’t get the memo though and those sparkly grey hairs will soon be poking through. We got ya covered!

To the rescue with RETOUCH.ME by Kevin Murphy. These touch-up sprays are easy to apply and available in 4 naturally toned colours designed to cover and blend grey hair with their micro-fine pigments and light-weight satin finish.

We’ve tested these over and over in the field and they are a go-to favourite of our colleen salon clients. Retouch Me root sprays set really quickly in your hair and offer lasting coverage right up to your next wash. There’s no flakiness or residue so no worries if you get caught in the rain or work up a sweat during your morning yoga routine.


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