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10 Memorable Hairstyles from Wes Anderson Films

Film still: Moonrise Kingdom

By Helena Madonna

With an eye for infinite detail inside a world of candy-coloured hues and a coterie of recognisable characters, each with deadpan expressions and distinct eccentric styles, we step inside Wes Anderson's cinematic universe to reflect on 10 memorable hairstyles across some of his most loved films.

  1. Tracy Walker - Isle of Dogs

Nothing says 'passionate member of pro-dog activist group' like big, bouncy, blonde afro.

  1. Zero -The Grand Budapest Hotel

When working as the ‘lobby boy’ at one of the most prestigious hotels, none other than The Grand Budapest, the way you present yourself must reflect the stunning interiors around you. Nothing seems more appropriate than a pencil-thin moustache (drawn on with an actual pencil).

  1. Simone - The French Dispatch

Prison guard by day, hair hidden underneath your uniform hat. Muse by night, hair let down and free, posing for a murderous inmate who loves to paint.

  1. J.K.L Berensen -The French Dispatch

An orange caftan and an array of lavish costume jewellery. No hairstyle would be more fitting than a statement blowout with sky-high volume.

  1. Zeffirelli - The French Dispatch

Who has time for haircare when you’re a rebellious, chess-playing activist trying to lead a liberation movement? Let those wild, unkept curls free.

  1. Dmitri - The Grand Budapest Hotel

You’re tall, lean and a little mean. Your well-tailored suit matches your well-manicured moustache. You’re Madame D.’s villainous son, Dmitri.

  1. Richie Tenenbaum - The Royal Tenenbaums

For a low-maintenance look of unkept sophistication, try Richie Tenenbaum for inspiration. Don’t forget to sport a few sweatbands to hold onto your tennis prodigy days.

  1. Chas Tenenbaum - The Royal Tenenbaums

An original firebird tracksuit, blue Puma’s and cropped natural curls; a perfect look for the whole family.

  1. Eli Cash - The Royal Tenenbaums

Wanna know what compliments a fringe jacket and sits beautifully underneath a cowboy hat? None other than Eli Cash’s, stunning man bob.

  1. Margot Tenenbaum - The Royal Tenenbaums

Looking for a haircut to reflect your blunt tongue and unyielding personality? Then look no further than the sandy locks of Royal Tenenbaums ‘Margot’. Pair with a next-day smokey eye, tan Birkin and vintage Fendi fur to accessorise (faux, of course).

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