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Introducing Y.S Park

Listed in the top 5 most stolen items from backstage at fashion weeks. Y.S Park tools are the favourites of the world’s top hairstylists.

I remember the moment when I first got my hands on a YS park tool so clearly. I was in New York working on fashion week doing hair. It was February, shockingly cold and I was hauling my kit from show to show through the city streets clocking up all the knowledge and experience I could, like a kind of hair succubus.

One of the local hairstylists that I was working with invited me to come with him to visit a wholesaler and re-up on bobby pins, combs and other kit essentials. We hiked from the Lincoln Centre down to West 23rd Street, climbed 9 flights of stairs, navigated a warren of hallways and opened the door to my dream retail experience.

Enter Y.S Park, started in the 1980’s by Young Soo Park who had a singular concept: “make the best tools in the world”. Young Soo Park went about the business of creating a range that is durable, practical, easy to use, and high quality.

When I was growing up as a hairdresser these were the tools to have, that’s still true except now they are ICONIC.


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