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Superior Interior - Bathrooms in Film

Pretty Woman

The most iconic rom-com bathtub scene by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, singing along to 'Kiss' by Prince.

Marie Antoinette

A deep, luxurious bath fit for a Queen inside a palatial, gilded room with space for an audience. Although bathing was feared during 18th Century France, Marie Antoinette was committed to her daily perfumed bathing ritual.


For an ostentatious form of abundance get a sunken whirlpool bubble bath made of marble, white plush carpet, gilded cherubs, a columned bar come TV cabinet and a champagne bucket. What are we forgetting?

Diamonds Are Forever

A sunken bathtub with gold detailing surrounded by marble and a stiff drink on the side.

American Psycho

Patrick Bateman never skips a step in his psychotic skincare regimen.

Body Heat

The black bath with golden claws and hardware complimented by a checkered tile floor and dimly lit bathroom - it must be the 80s.

The Royal Tenenbaums

There's an air of mystery; demure Margo Tenenbaum with her melancholic edge, chic bob and nude slip. This one is for Margo, not so much for the bathroom she resides in for 6 hours a day.

Decline and Fall of a Bird Watcher

I mean, who doesn't want to bathe in a bubble bath perched atop a ring-baring hand beneath a blossom tree whilst drinking champagne, talking on the telephone with a pink bow in one's hair?

Pillow Talk

A technicolour delight. A split-screen phone party in the bath. It's fluffy, frothy fun.

L'Ours et la Poupée

A light, airy atmosphere with a fresh white colour scheme, sunken bath surrounded in cosmetics, and are they rice paper walls? We can't go past 60s aesthetics, nor Brigette Bardot.


Lady Penelope's lavish pink bathroom has all the frills, including a butler serving tea. TV's in bathrooms... it's a thing.

Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day

Set in the 1930s, this fanciful bathroom is complete with an oyster shell bathtub alcove, beaded lamps, and candelabras, surrounded by Chinoiserie hand-painted wallpaper.

The Love Witch

Making potions and casting spells. Shot in technicolour with delightful details. The setting is kitsch and enchanting.

American Beauty

Mena Suvari immersed in a bathtub sunken in tiles, covered with red rose petals. Dreams are free.

The Notebook

In the bath with a veil on, nursing heartbreak with a bubble bath. A glamorous self-care moment.

Helter Skelter

A dreamlike bathroom; the alluring shell-shaped bath filled with red rose petals, and a moody, red colour palette set the scene.


Superior beauty, bathing in milk and honey. The divine goddess surrounded by women, flowers, opulence and excess.

Grand Budapest Hotel

In contrast to the grandeur of the hotel, the rundown thermal baths are somewhat pleasing to look at; the powder blue colour scheme inside the slightly off-kilter space with symmetric details.

Call Me By Your Name

A blue-hued Art Deco dream as seen in Call Me By Your Name, complete with matching towel and pastel aquatic art.

The Favourite

A grand old bathroom with a giant, regal marble bath.


An elaborate, glossy green lavatory within Sandringham House. The rich colour scheme and impressive golden 'ribcage' shower. A caged bird?

In the Eye of the Hurricane

Playful and eccentric, feast your eyes on this turquoise dream; walls, carpet, circular bathtub, more gilded hardware and a swan.

The Shining

A moment for the mint-green, symmetrical bathroom from The Shining; the green basins sitting side by side opposite a green toilet, deco light fixtures, the lace shower curtain and the never-ending yellow trim that weaves through the room.

The Seven Year Itch

The bath takes centre stage, surrounded in olive green tiles crammed amongst the cabinets.

The Shape of Water

A seemingly normal bathroom with cracking chipped tiles and an old green bath, and green towels. A small world embracing love in a marriage of the ordinary and extraordinary.

The Dreamers

The exposed water pipes, delicate 3-panel mirror in a steamy tiled bathroom set the scene within an idealistic existence inside a Parisian apartment.

Black Swan

A bleak place of solitude in a small NYC apartment bathroom; the toilet squeezes in next to the solid ceramic bathtub, a plush bathmat sits on top of checked tiles, the subtle pink and green colour scheme and a janky cane shelf holding itself up behind the toilet alludes to a feminine space.

A Cure For Wellness

A stark, clinical bathroom lined with white subway tiles sets an eerie scene in an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" located in the Swiss Alps.

Fight Club

Scummy tiles, a filthy shower curtain and a bathroom that needs a deep clean.


Located within a semi-basement apartment, this dingy, tiled bathroom let's little light in. There is still hope.

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