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Cool girl curls on Dilone

Perfectly undone on Frederikke Sofie

Show stopping curls on Imaan. Hello, volume!!

Gratiela Brancusi makes a case for curly bangs

Serge Rigvava and his too-cool-to-care coif

Julia Garner is IRL Goldilocks

Pretty ringlets on Jasmin Sanders

Loving Noémie Abigaïl's off-duty curls

Dreamy blonde ringlets on Dutch model Bram Valbracht

Roberta's signature look, always a killer

Forever muse Shakira

Yara Shahidi loving her curls as much as we do

Dream girl Samile Bermannellie never misses

Andie MacDowell with her red-carpet worthy grey curls

Tina Kunakey letting all that hair do its thang

Zendaya + natural texture = big win

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