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Curly Hair Problems

If you don’t have curly hair, you may never understand the complexity of this hair type and the myriad hair hacks that curly-haired people undertake to get a good hair day.

I’d like to keep things simple and focus on 3 main hair issues for curl and the regimes that will provide a great foundation for glossy healthy curls for these hair types.


For curly hair that is fine in texture and medium in density. Your hair is pretty much a natural medium blonde but might be enhanced with some highlights, balayage or a few summers in the surf. This regime will give you moisture without an oily residue plus definition and form without weight.


For thick curly hair that is naturally dry, coloured or bleached. This is a really great regime for hair that has a curl form of ringlets. This regime will deliver great moisturising properties, easily calm and detangle your hair, and finish with perfect definition and separation for your curls.


This is totally a thing; your ends keep on splitting and breaking, and no amount of fish oil seems to make a difference. This is the regime for you!
It’s an awesome combination of moisture, fats and proteins. It’s the regime that will have a real impact on keeping your length in premium condition. Don’t forget to take a before and after photo.

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