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A Quick Guide To Evo's New Curl Range


We hit up colleen stylist, Sean Mahoney, for the lowdown on how you can use Evo's latest range to get the best performance from your curl.

There are 2 styling creams LIQUID ROLLERS and TOTAL RECOIL, these are great for all curl types and both creams can also be cocktailed, adding moisture and hold as you need it.

HOW TO USE: apply to damp hair, distribute evenly from roots to ends, twist curls, then air-dry or diffuse-dry for a tighter curl. apply to ends to finish if desired.

WHEN TO USE: total recoil gives epic curl definition. you can apply it and leave your curls alone or you can break them apart with your fingers once dry for an effortless finish.

HOW TO USE: apply evenly to damp hair, air-dry or diffuse for added volume and hold.

WHEN TO USE: liquid rollers is an all-rounder product that can be used in any situation. use it as your standalone styling balm or use as it your hydrating canvas to layer on your fave styling products. if you want super-enhanced curls, apply before total recoil curl definer.

My favourite; HEADS WILL ROLE co-wash is fantastic for leaving your hair fresh and hydrated. It won't overstimulate your waves and will keep your cuticles flatter (aka less frizz)

HOW TO USE: wet hair, massage a generous amount into scalp, work product from roots to ends with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, then rinse. for best results, repeat process. use in-between deep cleaning as required.

WHEN TO USE heads will roll is for those in-between times… when your curls need a clean but you don’t want to commit to the whole process.

The SPRINGSCLEAN is great for oily hair or to give you scalp some extra attention and the tapered applicator nozzle makes for an easy application.

HOW TO USE: Wet hair, apply directly to scalp section-by-section, massage thoroughly, then rinse. for best results, repeat process and follow with baby got bounce curl treatment. use as required for a deep clean.

WHEN TO USE: Springsclean acts like a really good cleanser, it's not your everyday product, use it once a week or whenever you need a clean slate.

And finally, BABY GOT BOUNCE - a 5-minute hydration treatment that leaves you hair full up so it doesn’t have to search for water 💦

HOW TO USE: squeeze excess water without agitating curls, spray evenly from roots to ends, comb hair with fingers or a wide-tooth comb, leave for 3-5 minutes, then rinse. for best results, use after deep cleaning or when extra hydration is required.

WHEN TO USE: baby got bounce is for thirsty curls, use it after Springsclean deep clean rinse if your curls are feeling dry.

WE RECOMMEND EVO'S CURL RANGE FOR all curl types, including wavy, curly, coily and tight textures. If you wanna test the waters, we recommend this sampler pack:

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