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Multi-task While You Multi-Mask

Julia Fox, GQ Magazine

Busy. That word, we hate saying it but it just slips out.

We get it though, life is busy, where does one even find the time to set aside for some regular R&R? Somewhere between; waking up on a Monday, a quick skincare routine, working, eating, drinking water, socialising, exercising, sleeping, and keeping up with pop culture and current events with a side of mindless scrolling, watching an entire series and bedtime on Sunday, before the fun begins again?

Just take five.

Rest and relaxation or self-care, whatever you like to call it, helps us stay present and grounded - there are different dimensions of self-care and wellness but ultimately it's about taking care of your physical and mental health. It's important to set aside time for yourself to re-energize and fill your cup; do the things that make you feel like you have your shit sorted, boost your mood, and make your hair shine and skin glow a little brighter.

This is our version of GTL: Gym, Tan, Laundry - like a shot of self-care for busy people. It's multi-mask, relax; all you need now is to take five minutes alone. We have everything else sorted. These are our recommendations for a dreamy mask duo, and something to read or listen to:


Like a pair of angels sent from above, this duo will sing away stress and impurities whilst revitalizing your hair, scalp and skin. They're packed full of antioxidants to support skin and scalp health and protect against environmental aggressors.

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This is no mirage, The Great Hydrator and Crystal Waters can quench desert-dry hair and skin no sweat. This intensely hydrating pair is ideal for those who need an immediate dose of moisture; The Great Hydrator works well for dry and colour-treated hair and cool, Crystal Waters soothes all skin types.

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Short on time? It's all about maximum nourishment for this super smoothing duo. Gain control of unruly hair with Love Smooth Instant Mask, it smoothes unwanted frizz and volume in 30 seconds flat - perfect for prepping your hair for hot tools. While Eye Babe Eye Cream and Under Eye Masks are a super-charged caffeine hit for tired eyes. A dream team to start your day, or a night out.

While you get ready, listen to: Desert Island Discs - Kate Moss

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