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Ultimate Texture Duo's

Off-duty model
The coveted cool-girl look synonymous with models caught ‘off guard’ on the street; with a nonchalant vibe and hair that has that perfectly lived-in texture. It’s chic and effortless, and this is the duo that is going to enhance your natural texture for the ultimate off-duty look.

Colleen recommends:

Three steps to cool hair:⁠

  1. Use Maris Sal Mist to boost volume and waves ⁠
  2. Follow it up with Mineral Sculpting Balm for definition and shine
  3. Walk away with off-duty model hair

Beach day waves
Who says you can’t have sexy beach hair any time of the year? Kevin Murphy is renowned for helping us master tousled beachy hair, straight from the seashore to the city. Here is a winning combo to achieving that piecey, salty texture that looks even better the second day around.

Colleen recommends:


  1. Shake and spray Fresh Hair lightly over dry hair
  2. Massage into the hair or brush through
  3. Squish and scrunch Hair Resort Lotion to the ends and voilà!

Date Night
Got a hot date? Pump up the volume, sprinkle in some texture, add a glossy finish and you’re good to go! For long-lasting, workable texture with a glossy sheen, these two are a perfect match.

Colleen recommends:

You Got This

  1. Shake and sprinkle Texturizing Dust directly onto roots
  2. Work into your hair to lift the roots
  3. Finish your look with a kiss of Shimmering Mist and out the door you go

Gucci Fall 2020

Morning-After Pick Me Up
Whether you went out dancing all night or you’re looking to rough up your fine hair with some grit and texture. This perfect pair is here to tease and please.

Colleen recommends:

Let's Do This

  1. Wash your hair with Cactus Texturizing shampoo, it has texture-building particles to bring out hair’s natural wave and personality while providing grit and grip for easy-to-style locks.
  2. Dry your hair as usual
  3. Spray Zig Zag directly onto roots through ends for volume, texture and a new lease on life

Short Hair, Matte Finish
A great thing about working with short hair is that it doesn’t take long to achieve a textured look that adds fullness without weighing the hair down, and you can easily change it up with a swish of your fingers.

Colleen recommends:

Create a sweet structured look

  1. Begin with a deep cleansing wash using Normal Persons shampoo to remove product build-up and balance the scalp
  2. Towel dry your hair
  3. Work Box 'O' Bollox between your hands then through your hair until it looks cool ;)

Coils and curls
Enhance what you already have. This duo will help you provide much-needed moisture, control and definition to curls and coils. Say goodbye to flyaways and hello to soft, bouncin’ curls.

Colleen recommends:

Wash and Go

  1. Wash and massage your hair with Cleansing Creme for Moisture and Control
  2. Working in sections, glide Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Creme onto saturated hair
  3. Let the hair air dry
  4. For extra volume, break it up using your fingers

Stella McCartney Fall 2019

Your blowdry’s BFF
The not-so-subtle power move; texture, volume, and lift. The ideal duo for balancing oily roots or refreshing a second-day blow wave. If you mean business, this combo is here to work.

Colleen recommends:

Let's build texture

  1. Work Style Guru through damp hair
  2. Blowdry or air dry as usual
  3. Shake and spray Desert Dry Texture Spray onto styled hair and shake it out with your hands... you're ready.
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